What Do You Smell Like To Edward Cullen And Jacob Black

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Edward Cullen Quizzes & Trivia

Jacob: HEY! IT'S! MY! TURN! Edward: Oh SHUT UP! Me: GUYS! *ducked a rock thrown by Jake Me: I'm gonna call jasper if you two don't SHUT UP!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Q1. Me: what do you prefer vamp or wolf?

    • A.

      Vamps cause there awesome :) Edward:HA! Jacob: disgusting!!!

    • B.

      Wolfs cause there so cute :) Jacob: HA wolfs are cuter Edward: ummmm

  • 2. 

    Q2.Me: Jacob you go first Jacob: If you and me where going out what would you do with me? Edward: ughhh

    • A.

      Go to the beach and make out Edward:ewwwww

    • B.

      Ugh i hate wolves Jacob*whimper*

  • 3. 

    Q3 Me: Edward you can go next Edward: yes Jacob: no it's my turn Edward: Jacob the girl said it was my turn so SHUT UP Jacob: fine Edward: okay whats you favorite smell?

    • A.

      Calming Freesia

    • B.

      Risky rose

  • 4. 

    Me: okay i need to go to the restroom so Jake goes next*leaves to bathroom* Jacob: okay who's hotter me or the bloodsucker Edward: HEY *throws shoe at Jake* *Jake tackles Edward* Me: i'm back*ducking chair thrown by Jacob Jacob:sorry Me: SIT DOWN NOW!!!

    • A.

      Jake is so Hotter than Edward. Edward: ugh Jacob: HA two for me

    • B.

      Edward is much Hotter than Jacob Edward: HA Jacob: Disgusting

  • 5. 

    Me: whats better Edwards House or Jakes house?

    • A.

      Jakes Jake: ha

    • B.

      Edwards Edward: yes

  • 6. 

    Me: okay Jake your turn Jacob: what color do you like.... Edward: Dog!!!

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    • E.


    • F.


    • G.


  • 7. 

    Edward: can i go next? Me: S-s-sure Jacob: hey you messed her up with your hypnotic eyes *Edward stared into your eyes right i'm not messing you up* Me: Ed-Ed-Edward is not doing anything any way it is his turn Edward: if u want me too i could change you right now?

    • A.

      Yes Edward: ha

    • B.

      Mm maybe not Jacob: in your face

  • 8. 

    Me: what do you like better?

    • A.

      The forest

    • B.

      Edwards Meadoow

  • 9. 

    Edward:SHUT UP Jacob: You *Throws chair at Edward* *Jacob covered Edwards mouth Edward bit Jacob: ouch Me:Stop Fighting Should i call Jasper?

    • A.

      NO but i'll still call

    • B.

      Yes before they hurt each other

  • 10. 

    Jasper: need help Me:yes Jasper: okay the girl and Dog are sleeping so it's just me and my brother *watching me wake up* Me:thanks Jasper: any time so do you like sweets or gardens

    • A.

      Sweets like candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • B.

      Flowers for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11. 

    Well thats all Jacob:*throws dictionary at Edward* Edward:* throws Jacob out the window* Me:well finish this quiz while me and Jasper stop them from hurting each other

    • A.

      I hope Edward gets hurt not Jacob

    • B.

      I hope Jacob gets hurt not Edward

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