What Do You Look For?

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| By Hypergirl
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What Do You Look For? - Quiz

What type of person would you hang with?

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Would you like to hang with a person who wears....

    • A.

      Dark colors (black,grayect.0

    • B.

      Different colors (red,blue,ect.)

  • 2. 

    Would you rather hang out with a person who...

    • A.

      Gets in trouble a lot

    • B.

      Is a very nice person who follows rules

  • 3. 

    Would you care if that person...

    • A.

      Hung out in their room a lot

    • B.

      Never was in their room always somewhere

  • 4. 

    Would it matter to you if that person...

    • A.

      Was not always happy

    • B.

      Was always happy

  • 5. 

    Would you like to hang out with a person who...

    • A.

      Didn't show their emotions

    • B.

      Shows there emotions

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