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Some parts of our bodies have a lot of power on a lot of things we experience, some we can live without and others we cannot. If you were to be a part of the body based on your personality which one would you be? Take up the test below and get to find out if you are a brain, heart, hand or foot.

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you think alot, and make sure everything you do is safe and smart.  you raley bind the rules, but have fun anyways.you are more layed back in life


you care about every one and always make people feel loved.  you are always caring and you keep the rest of the world from falling you are loving and caring and do what ever you can to help
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You are invited to the first party of the year,but it is the same day as your litter sisters first birthday party that you told your mom you would help out at.  you.......
    • A. 

      Throw the invatation in the trash "no way you are going to that"

    • B. 

      You call your friend and ask if she is going and she is so you tell your mom that you get your brother to help out instead

    • C. 

      You blow offf your sisters party....your not missing the first party of the year, you need a good reputation in school

    • D. 

      Its yourr sisters first arty you cant miss it for the world, there will never be anougher first.. but there will be a secound party for school "come on my sister will only be one once!"

  • 2. 
    Its halloween time and you are going to a castume party at your best friends house.  you and you mom go out for the over the top bummble bee castume but they are sold out.  you.....
    • A. 

      Pick out the ugly pumkin castume, "hey it's only $20"

    • B. 

      Call your friend and see wat she is....she is wearing an old sport uniform so you say that is cute and wear yours too

    • C. 

      Demand that your mom is buying the next cutiest castume a candy corn, but it is $30 more....your moms says no so you pay for it yourself "wat it is going to be a huge party"

    • D. 

      Say its okay mom it wansnt that great anyways.....can i just wear your cute bunny castume from last year "it's FREE!!!"

  • 3. 
    For your birthday all you were asking for was the ipod touch and your parents got you the ipod nano
    • A. 

      Your friends has the same one so it is okay

    • B. 

      Thank your mom but tell her you were really hoping for the toch and drive her to costco were the lowest prices are found and see wat she says

    • C. 

      It still hold music doesnt it

    • D. 

      Whine and complain to your parents until they get you the touch "i need the newest"

  • 4. 
    You are going to a fun day feild trip at school for fundraising, but you froget your cell phone!!  "o no wat will you do!!!!"
    • A. 

      Ask your friend if you can share her cell with her for today

    • B. 

      Lay back and enjoy the ride "now i cant lose it"

    • C. 

      Take your friends and continue the conversation that she is in for her

    • D. 

      Freak out becausse on the bus everyone is texting each other except you

  • 5. 
    The finally for Americas Next Top Modal is on, but you have to go to a family ruion.  you have tivo, but your dad is already recording the game.  "great now you will never know who will win  :( "
    • A. 

      Your dad got there first, i will just ask people at xchool for the wnner

    • B. 

      Call you friend and tell her to recoard it so you can come over and see it when the party is over

    • C. 

      OMG NOOO I HAVE TO SEE IT... there will be more games just recoard yours instead

    • D. 

      Who cares i dont need to know the winner

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