The Verb 'avere' And Its Use..

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The Verb

Fill in the blank with the correct conjugation of avere or the correct expression. .

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Maria ________ due libri.

    The correct answer is "ha" because it is the third person singular form of the verb "avere" (to have) in the present tense. In this sentence, "Maria" is the subject and "due libri" is the direct object. The verb "ha" agrees with the subject "Maria" and indicates that she possesses or has two books.

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    Giulia e lorenzo _____________ ragione!

    Giulia and Lorenzo = "they" which would be "loro"..

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  • 4. 


    she's in a hurry...

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    Ciao Angela e Marco, ______ fame?

    You are talking to more than one person so we would use "voi"

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    Hai caldo? io, no, non _____ caldo.

    The correct answer is "ho" because it is the first person singular form of the verb "avere" (to have) in the present tense. In the given sentence, it is used to indicate that the person speaking does not have heat or feel hot.

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    Insieme noi ________ cinque passaporti.

    insieme= together... noi is also "we" the conjugation is 'abbiamo'

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  • 11. 

      Giorgio ha  ________   _______   giocare calcio

    The correct answer is "voglia di". This phrase in Italian translates to "desire for" in English. In the given sentence, it indicates that Giorgio has a desire or a craving to play soccer.

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     Lui e' molto intelligente. Quando parla, lui ________    _________.

    When someone is described as "molto intelligente" (very intelligent), it implies that they are knowledgeable and have a good understanding of things. So, when they speak, it is likely that what they say is correct or accurate. Therefore, the correct answer "ha ragione" (he is right) is a logical conclusion based on the initial statement.

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  • 13. 


    The word "fame" is a noun that means the state of being widely known or recognized. It is the most suitable word to complete the sentence fragment "AVERE..." as it fits grammatically and semantically.

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      Laura  ha _________ di pulire la casa!HINT: pulire = to clean

    the phrase is.. "bisogno di" -- which means, "needs to"

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