And The Storm Rages On (Part 3)

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Part 3 of the jobros story/quiz. . . Hope you like water!

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Without saying a word, Joe gets up from next to you, leaving his half a mug of cocoa behind. You watch him walk out the door and weigh the consequences before following him, cocoa in hand. You find him on the porch, looking out listlessly into the rain. “Rockstar?” You ask, standing next to him. “Everything okay?” He glances over at you before answering. “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” You shrug, following his gaze. “Well, it takes an awful lot to make me leave half my hot chocolate behind.” You nudge his arm with his mug as you take a sip out of your own. He gives you half a smile, taking the cup from you. “Do you like him?” “Huh?” Not even thinking in that direction, it takes you a while to figure out what he’s talking about. “Oh, you mean Kevin?” He raises an eyebrow at you. “Well he is the one you were cuddling with.” “I wasn’t cuddling with him,” You look down when Joe rolls his eyes and looks back out. “Okay, maybe I kind of was, but not like that. At least, I don’t think so. I just… I don’t know.” “Good.” You look over at him. “What’s that supposed to mean.” He catches himself. “No, not like that. It’s just, Kevin is a great guy, he just has a tendency to accidentally lead girls on. He’s really friendly, and touchy. Okay, maybe all of us are, I just wanted to make sure.” “Make sure that I wasn’t thinking that he liked me?” “Yeah, I mean, it’s okay if you like him... But he has a girlfriend... And we haven’t known you for very long… I just don’t want you to think…” He stops. “I’m not very good at this.” You laugh. “No, you’re not. But thank you.” He laughs with you, giving you a side hug. “Anyway. We were finally able to get a hold of someone.” “Really?” You look over at him. “When?” “About ten minutes before you got back, our bodyguard is pretty upset we ditched him in town.” Your mouth drops. “You could have told me!” He shrugs. “Apparently our parents showed up in the bus right after we left so he wasn’t stuck in the rain too long. We’re leaving as soon as the bridge opens back up.” You nod. “Well, I figured, you probably have concerts and stuff.” “Yeah,” His voice gets quiet. “Well, I’m sure we can come visit, and stuff. We could use a place to take a vacation without being noticed.” “I don’t live here,” You remind him softly. “Oh yeah.” There’s silence. “I forgot.” You look down, staring into your empty mug. “Can I ask you something?” You are startled out of your thoughts. “Yeah sure.” “I know you don’t like to sing and everything, but would you mind if I wrote music to your song? I wouldn’t perform it or anything, I’d just can’t get it out of me head.” You feel heat rise in your face. “Sure, I don’t mind at all. I can’t write music very well, just lyrics.” He smiles. “We should probably go back in. Dinner is in a little bit”


Starting to drift off, you hear Nick whispering to Kevin though you can’t make out the words. You’re not sure what was said, but Nick got up and motioned Joe to follow him into another room. You lift your head slowly and Kevin shifts his arm to drape around the back of the couch. “Where’re they going?” “To make sure we’re ready to go,” He says quietly. “Go?” You shake the grogginess out of your head. “Where are you going?” “Nowhere yet.” He runs his finger tips in a half circle across the edge of his mug. “They got a call from our parents, they’re coming to get us as soon as the bridge opens up. “When do they think that will be?” You ask, trying to hide your disappointment. He shrugs. “Probably tomorrow.” You look down at your lap. “well that’s good, I mean, you probably didn’t plan getting stranded here into your busy schedule.” He chuckles softly. “Well no. But it was fun. “Yeah,” You agree barely above a whisper. He takes a deep breath. “Anyway, you should come to one of our concerts or something. We could give you backstage passes and stuff. Then maybe all have dinner afterwards. “You guys have time for that?” “Yeah,” He nods. “Sometimes. I mean, it’ll be with my family and stuff because we always have dinner together.” You smile up at him. “If I get a chance, that sounds like fun.” He looks down at you, matching your smile. “Great, but now I have to pack too. I’ll see you at dinner.”


You stay like that for awhile, but eventually decide you would rather not fall asleep just yet. So when Nick got up and headed towards the game room, you get up to follow. The youngest brother is standing at the far wall staring at pictures on the wall. “Mark took those,” You say coming alongside him to look at the shot of a young girl playing in the snow by the waterfront. “Must be great in the snow time.” You nod in agreement. “You guys should come during the snow season. I mean, if you’re not too busy. You probably don’t have time for much relaxation.” It was his turn to nod. “Sounds like fun though.” “Maybe if the rain clears up you could get some wakeboarding in.” He glances over at you. “We probably won’t be here then.” You look over at him. “Why do you say that?” “We got a phone call while you were out.” He sighs and runs his hands through his curly hair. “Our parents will be crossing the bridge as soon as it opens, probably tomorrow.” “Oh.” There’s a bit of silence. “By the way,” Nick starts. “If you ever feel like getting rid of those butterflies and recording that song, I’d love to hear the finished product.” Your eyes widen a bit. “Really? I’ll think about it.” He smiles at you, and gives you a tight hug. “I should make sure everything is packed.”
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    ((a/n all results are written like you got that particular brother’s result last time… if they don’t make sense… shoot me later…)) The next morning you pull yourself out of bed at eight, and make yourself as presentable as possible. When you make it down the stairs to the kitchen, your aunt is buzzing around the kitchen. You sit at the kitchen table and lay your head on your arms with a groan. “Good morning, _______,” Your Uncle says, sounding a bit too cheery for the morning. You look up to glare at him. “Morning yes, good debatable.” He laughs and ruffles your hair like you’re six again. “Attack of the jet lag?” You nod before putting your head back down and speaking into the table. “It’s a evil and ruthless monster that preys on little girls and purple monkeys.” “And Rockstars,” another voice says, laced with humor. You look up through bleary eyes to see Joe with the same tired expression. “Yeah, Rockstars too.” Your aunt laughs, which always sounded like a song to you. “I know it’s not the brightest morning in the world, but you guys will just have to be a little cheerier or I’ll kick you out of my kitchen.” “Good luck kicking Joe out of a kitchen,” An equally tired Nick says, sliding onto the bench seat next to you. Joe glares at his brother, but doesn’t argue. “Do you cook for everybody every day?” Your aunt smiles. “Yes, but only Breakfast and Dinner. If you’re not in the dining room to get it you’re on your own.” “What about lunch?” Nick wants to know. “That’s up to you,” She answers. “There’s left overs in the refrigerator on the first two shelves, as well as sandwich stuff. Or you can go into town.” You raise an eyebrow at her. “Today I will make lunch since I doubt anyone will be going out. “Definitely not,” A new voice agrees. Your twenty year old cousin gives his mom a kiss on the cheek. “Hey, Cuz!” You stand to give him a hug. “I barely made it across the bridge before the sheriff closed it off, it’s pretty flooded.” Joe and Nick exchange a worried glance. “You really shouldn’t have come, Mark.” Your Uncle is saying. He shrugs. “I’m used to it.” At that point, Kevin, who quite obviously just got out of bed, finally manages to make it to the kitchen. You try not to laugh at his disheveled hair as he slumps down in a chair. You hear a barely discernable moan from behind his hands as he rubs his face. Joe looks over at him. “Yes, it’s great to see you too.” You shake your head and watch Mark sneak around his mom to grab two cream filled pastries. He tosses one to you with a wink.  “What’s that?” Kevin asks you quietly. You smile and break yours in half. “Amazing.” “It’s called amazing?” Joe asks with a raised eyebrow. “No,” You say. “It is the embodiment of amazing. If amazing was a food, this would be it.” “It’s true though” Mark said taking a bite. “What are you guys talking about?” Your aunt asks turning. “Mark! You’re not supposed to be eating those right now!”  Without a word, you and Kevin hide yours under the table while Mark tries to defend himself.  She shakes her head at him. “I can’t trust you in here, go set the table.” She opens the refrigerator. “What smoothie do you guys want?”  You perk up. “Oh, I want Strawberry banana.”  She hands you the jug of the thick pink liquid. “Boys?”  Kevin shakes his head. “No thanks.”  She looks at him. “You need your fruits and vegetables. These are all natural smoothies with no additives. So come choose one.”  Kevin opens his mouth to protest and you shake your head in horror from behind your aunt. “Yes ma’am.” He finally mumbles, getting up to see his options while his brothers share amused glances. Once the food is done, you join the rest of the guests in the dining room for breakfast. After breakfast you find yourself in the living room with not much to do because of the rain. You were playing solitaire when Kevin walked in, equally bored. You watch him look out the window and wonder what he’s thinking.  Want to go for a walk?”  Your mouth drops. “A walk? It’s raining.”  He shrugs. “So? It’s not that bad anymore.”
    • A. 

      “I didn’t bring a jacket with me.”

    • B. 

      “But you might get a cold.”

    • C. 

      “Won’t your brothers be worried?”

  • 2. 
    He leans against the wall next to the door. “You might want to get some shoes on before we go.” You look down at your flip flops. “You’re not giving a choice are you?” He shakes his head with a smile. “Hurry up!” You laugh and head up the stairs, running into Nick as you turn the corner. “Oops, sorry!” “Where to in a hurry?” He asks. You roll your eyes. “Kevin wants to go for a walk.” He laughs as he passes you, diet coke in hand. As soon as you get back downstairs, Kevin hops up and heads outside. You snatch one of your aunt’s coats off the coat stand and follow him. Outside, Kevin stand with his arms outstretched, palms facing up. He smiles at you. “I love the rain.” You laugh. “I can tell.” He grabs your wrist and pulls you out from under the awning. “Come on.” “Alright, this way,” you say, leading him towards the hiking trails. The two of you make your way up the small wooded rise to where you can see the water falling on the lake. The usually calm lake was full of waves, few of which turned white as they peaked. You pulled your now damp hair out of your face as the wind fought you. Kevin watches you with amusement. “What do you usually do here” You point to the lake. “Usually I’m on a jet ski right now, but you can see how that’s a problem.” He nods before a smirk crosses his face. “Kevin? What are you thinking?” “Race you the lake!” He calls breaking into a run. “Hey that’s cheating, you had warning!” You call after him, before running after him. You loose sight of him in the trees as the two of you head for the turbulent water. Reaching the edge of the forest, you stop. You skim the waterfront, but there’s no sign of Kevin. “Hey, Kev?” You call out, but there’s no response.
    • A. 

      What a punk, I can’t believe he ditched me! After dragging me out in the rain too…

    • B. 

      Where did he find so much energy?

    • C. 

      Um… it’s cold out here…

  • 3. 
    You take a few slow steps out of the trees, and feel two arms wrapping around your waist. You scream and whip your head around as Kevin hoist you up, and starts walking towards the water. “Kevin! Don’t you dare!” You scream at him, flailing your arms around. You consider kicking his shins, but decide it’s not worth being dropped. He shifts his arms so he’s carrying you like a baby doll. “Kevin, really, I can go swimming another time, when it’s warm, and I have a swimsuit on, and… when I want to?” He laughs, his mouth right by your ear, as he steps onto the dock. “There’s no sharp rock s around here are there?” You whimper, clinging to his neck. “Uh, yeah, lots of them, really sharp, like I could die.”  You lean over a bit to look over the edge of the dock, with your arms still locked around him for safety. “What if I said I can’t swim?” He manages to laugh even harder. “You’re a really bad liar, but just to be safe, I better go in.” “Yeah!” You nod your head vigorously. “Great idea, so if you just put me down…” Your last sentence was interrupted by him taking that last step off the dock.
    • A. 

      He didn’t!

    • B. 

      AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! (I think you just made Kevin deaf in one ear…)

    • C. 

      What a goof!

  • 4. 
    The two of you hit the cold water with a splash. You feel Kevin’s grip loosen so both of you could make it to the surface. You sputter up the top and splash his face in mock anger. “Do you have any idea how cold it is in here?” You ask through chattering teeth. He nods, also shaking. “I think I may have figured it out.” You attempt to glare at him while clinging to the dock, but the shivering kind of ruined the effect. He manages to have enough breath to laugh before pulling himself ot of the water. Leaning down, he reaches out a hand for you. “C’mon, lets get some dry clothes on.”  “Okay,” Once you’re out of the water you add. “No thanks to you.”  He wraps an arm around you as if to keep you warm despite him being just as soaked and sighs. “That was fun.”
    • A. 

      “No, that was ridiculous!”

    • B. 

      “Yeah, it was.”

    • C. 

      “I would say, let’s do it again, but I’m leaning towards hot chocolate.”

  • 5. 
    You arrive back at the house to see Mark and Joe on the porch with a raised eyebrows. Joe opens his mouth, then closes it, deciding to just shake his head in bewilderment. “Do I want to know?” You cousin asks.  “Probably not,” You answer.  He shakes his head. “I’ll let you guys in the garage. Mom will kill you if you come in the house that wet.”  In the garage, the two of you huddle around a space heater for warmth before Mark and Joe return with dry clothes for both of you. You duck around your uncle’s truck to change.  “So…” Kevin starts.  You pull your shirt over your head. “So?”  “You’re not mad at me right?”  You smile, at the slight worry in his voice. “No of course not, it was fun. I’m glad I’m dry, but it was fun. You decent?”  “Yeah.”  You make your way around the truck to see him dropping his clothes in the washer. You shove your clothes in after him before the two of you head inside. Still cold, it only took five minutes before you were both sitting at the fireplace with hot chocolate clutched in both hands. Joe joins you moments later with his own mug. Sitting next to you, he reaches out his hand and drops a couple small marshmallows in your cup. Kevin holds his mug out from your other side to receive his own share of mallows while the three of you sit in silence. Watching the mesmerizing flames, you barely notice when Nick takes the last seat on the couch next to Kevin. Your aunt glances in the room, but decides not to say anything when she sees all for of you leaning forward towards the heat. Without even really thinking about it you lean over slightly so your head rests on Kevin’s shoulder for just a second. He leans back onto the couch and places his arm around you to pull you with him. You lean your head onto his shoulder comfortably  He presses his forehead on the top of your head and whispers in amusement. “Your wet hair is soaking through me shirt.”  “Oh sorry.”  You start to move away, but his hand tightens on your shoulder, so you relax again.
    • A. 

      You know… he’s kind of old for me…

    • B. 

      Aww… he’s so adorable… in a cute guy sort of way… not like a puppy…

    • C. 

      So… this is really cute… but what about the other two?

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