Spelling March 11th 2011

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Spelling Quizzes & Trivia

Spelling Test March 11th, 2011

Questions and Answers
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    Number 1

    Dominance refers to the power or influence that one person or group has over others. It can be seen in various contexts such as social, political, or even in genetics. In social situations, dominance can be displayed through assertiveness, confidence, and control over others. In genetics, dominance refers to the expression of one gene over another in an organism's phenotype. Overall, dominance implies a position of authority or superiority over others.

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    Number 2

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    Number 3

    The given answer "evolution" is likely the correct answer because it directly relates to the topic mentioned in the question, which is "Number 3 evolution". Without further context or information, it can be assumed that the answer pertains to the concept or process of evolution.

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    Number 4

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    Number 5

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    Number 6

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    Number 7

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    Number 8

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    Number 9

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    Number 10

    The given question is incomplete and not readable. The word "representative" is a noun that refers to someone who acts or speaks on behalf of others. Without the complete question, it is not possible to provide a specific explanation for why "representative" is the correct answer.

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