Shauna Baby Shower Bonus!

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Shauna Baby Shower Bonus! - Quiz

Unscramble the words

Questions and Answers
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    The word "tebolt" seems to be a misspelling of the word "bottle". The correct answer is "bottle", which is a common object used for storing liquids.

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    The word "toobies" is most likely a typo or misspelling of the word "booties." Booties are a type of footwear that covers the foot and ankle, usually made of soft material like fabric or leather. The correct answer is "booties" because it is the correct spelling and makes sense in the context of the given word.

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    Ubberr yuckd

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    The word "rollters" seems to be a misspelling or a typo. The correct word that closely resembles it is "stroller." A stroller is a type of chair on wheels, typically used to transport babies or young children.

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    Tyded reab

    The given answer "Teddy bear" is the correct explanation for the provided text "tyded reab". By rearranging the letters, we can form the words "Teddy bear".

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    Howser mages

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