AAPG Quiz: Sequence Stratigraphy, Part 2 (of 5)
10 Questions
Basics of Sequence Stratigraphy

Basic concepts and terminology in sequence stratigraphy will help you develop an understanding of the models at work.

AAPG and its sister organization, SEPM, offer a wide array of informational and instructional materials to help you learn what sequence stratigraphy is, and to apply it in ways that will help you.

Test your knowledge of basic concepts and terminology in sequence stratigraphy by taking the quick ten-question quiz. Be sure to fill in your full name -- you'll be able to print out a certificate of completion, which includes your score on the quiz.

If you need to refresh your knowledge, please check out this website (provided by AAPG's sister society, SEPM). You may open the website and keep it open in a separate window while you take the quiz if you'd like an "open book" experience.

Would you like to learn more? Keep checking back for more "Quick Bite Learning." Also, check out the AAPG's archived E-Symposia. We have at least two on sequence stratigraphy from industry experts, Janok Bhattacharya and Henry Posamentier. http://education.aapg.org/aapg-esymposia

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