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3rd Grade Science Quizzes & Trivia

The term respiration refers to the whole chain of processes from the inhalation of air to the use of oxygen in the cells. We covered the process in class and the test below is specifically designed to see if you understand the process and the organs that play a part in it.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Which is the correct pathway of Carbon Dioxide out of the lungs?

    • A.

      Trachea ~> bronchus ~> bronchioles ~> alveoli ~> nose

    • B.

      Alveoli ~> bronchus ~> nose ~> trachea ~> bronchioles

    • C.

      Nostril ~> alveoli ~> bronchus ~> bronchioles ~> trachea

    • D.

      Alveoli ~> bronchioles ~> bronchus ~> trachea ~> nose

    Correct Answer
    D. Alveoli ~> bronchioles ~> bronchus ~> trachea ~> nose
  • 2. 

    Which characteristic help gaseous exchange between the alveoli and blood capillaries to take place efficiently?

    • A.

      Thick, moist alveolus walls, covered by a few blood capillaries

    • B.

      Thin, moist alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries

    • C.

      Thin, dry alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries

    • D.

      Thick, dry alveolus walls, covered by a few blood capillaries

    Correct Answer
    B. Thin, moist alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries
    The correct answer is "Thin, moist alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries". This characteristic is important for efficient gaseous exchange because it allows for a short diffusion distance between the alveoli and the blood capillaries. The thin walls of the alveoli allow gases to easily diffuse across, while the moisture helps to keep the walls moist and facilitates the movement of gases. The network of blood capillaries ensures a large surface area for exchange and allows for a greater amount of oxygen to be absorbed into the blood and carbon dioxide to be removed.

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  • 3. 

    State one reason why smoking is dangerous to human health?

  • 4. 

    What cause asthma?

  • 5. 

    The gases that involved during gaseous exchange are :(u must put 'and' to seperate the answer and must not use 'CAPS LOCK')

    Correct Answer
    oxygen and carbon dioxide
    During gaseous exchange, the two main gases involved are oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen is inhaled into the lungs and diffuses into the bloodstream, where it binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells and is transported to the body's tissues. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, is produced as a waste product by cells during cellular respiration. It diffuses from the tissues into the bloodstream and is transported back to the lungs, where it is exhaled. This exchange of gases ensures that oxygen is delivered to the cells for energy production, while carbon dioxide, a waste product, is removed from the body.

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  • 6. 

    What substances that cause smokers to addict?

    • A.


    • B.

      Carbon monoxide

    • C.


    • D.

      Sulphur monoxide

    Correct Answer
    C. Nicotine
    Nicotine is the correct answer because it is a highly addictive substance found in tobacco products. When smokers inhale nicotine, it quickly reaches the brain and stimulates the release of dopamine, a chemical that is associated with pleasure and reward. This creates a pleasurable sensation, making the individual crave more nicotine. Over time, the body becomes dependent on nicotine, leading to addiction. Nicotine addiction is one of the main reasons why smokers find it difficult to quit smoking.

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  • 7. 

    Workers in a quarry factory normally wear masks. Explain the effect on the lungs of the workers if they do not take this precaution.

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