Networking Ports And Protocols

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Networking Quizzes & Trivia

Questions and Answers
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    Which protocol is used to send out email?

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the correct answer for the question. SMTP is the standard protocol used for sending email messages between servers. It is responsible for the transfer of email from the sender's mail server to the recipient's mail server. SMTP ensures that the email is properly formatted and delivered to the intended recipient. By using SMTP, email clients can send messages to a mail server, which then forwards the message to the recipient's server. SMTP is widely used and essential for the functioning of email communication.

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    W/hich protocol is used to download files from the internet?

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the correct answer. It is a standard network protocol used for transferring files from one host to another over a TCP-based network, such as the internet. FTP allows users to download files from a remote server to their local computer. It provides a simple and efficient method for file transfer, making it widely used for downloading files from the internet.

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    Which protocol is used to issue commands across the public internet?

    Telnet is a protocol used to issue commands across the public internet. It allows users to remotely access and manage devices or systems over a network. With Telnet, users can log in to a remote computer and execute commands as if they were directly connected to it. It provides a text-based interface and is commonly used for tasks such as remote administration, troubleshooting, and network configuration. Telnet operates on port 23 and is widely supported by various operating systems and network devices.

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    What is the encrypted version of Telnet?  It issues commands across the internet but the traffic is encrypted.

    Telnet is a protocol used to remotely access and manage devices over a network, but it does not provide encryption for the transmitted data. On the other hand, SSH (Secure Shell) is a cryptographic network protocol that provides secure communication between two systems. It encrypts the data exchanged between the client and server, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Therefore, SSH is the correct answer as it offers the encrypted version of Telnet, making it a more secure option for remote access and command execution.

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    Which protocol can be used to log into a server remotely across the internet?

    RDP, which stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, is the correct answer for this question. RDP is a protocol that allows users to log into a server remotely across the internet. It enables users to access and control a remote computer or server from a different location. RDP provides a secure and efficient way to establish a remote connection, making it a commonly used protocol for remote server access.

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    What technology allows you to give assistance across the internet and remotely control their keyboard, mouse and screen as well has have an interactive chat session with the end user?

    Remote Assistance is a technology that enables users to provide assistance to others over the internet. It allows the user to remotely control the keyboard, mouse, and screen of the person who needs help. Additionally, it facilitates an interactive chat session between the two parties, allowing them to communicate in real-time. This technology is particularly useful for troubleshooting technical issues, providing software support, and offering guidance to users who may be experiencing difficulties.

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    Which ports does FTP operate on?

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) operates on ports 20 and 21. These ports are used for establishing a connection and transferring data between a client and a server in FTP communication. Port 20 is used for data transfer, while port 21 is used for control commands and establishing the initial connection. The correct answer options include all the possible combinations of these two ports, including both the orderings and the individual ports listed separately.

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    Which port does DNS use?

    DNS (Domain Name System) uses port 53. The DNS protocol is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. When a client wants to resolve a domain name, it sends a DNS query to a DNS server using port 53. The server then responds with the corresponding IP address, allowing the client to establish a connection to the desired website or service. Port 53 is specifically assigned for DNS communication, ensuring that DNS queries and responses are properly handled by the correct network services.

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    Which port does Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance use?

    Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance use port number 3389. This port is specifically designated for these services to establish a connection between a remote computer and the user's local computer. By using this port, users can remotely access and control another computer, either for providing technical support or for accessing files and applications on a remote machine.

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