My Future 1 Or 2 Or Maybe Even 20

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| Written by Mz.boop234
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Future Quizzes & Trivia

Answer the? Z thanchu

Mz. Boop wats up homie G

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    When i older wat do i wanna be?

    • A. 

      you wanna be a veternarian

    • B. 

      You wanna be a heart surgeon

  • 2. 

    How many kids do i want?

    • A. 

      you want 1 kid a boy

    • B. 

      You want 1 kid a girl

    • C. 

      You want 2 kids a boy and a girl

    • D. 

      You want 20 kids 10 sets of twins

    • E. 

      You want 20 kids 8 twins 1 single and triplets

  • 3. 

    What do i want to name my 1st son

    • A. 

      You want to name him deonte king brown

    • B. 

      You want to name him jamel antonio brown

  • 4. 

    What type of mother will i be?

    • A. 

      A mean fun sucker

    • B. 

      A happy go lucky mommy that is always fare

  • 5. 

    Will i allow my kids to go places with there friends when they want to?

    • A. 


    • B. 

      It depends oon where there going

    • C. 

      No im a funsucker lol

  • 6. 

    Who will i marry when i get older or who do i want ot marry

    • A. 

      Jameel white

    • B. 

      Armon brown

    • C. 

      D'carlo chaney

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