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Solution And Mixture Quizzes & Trivia

By:Sam Bennett

Science quiz for 5th grade study guide

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What is the definition of a mixture?

    • A.

      A mixture is only two materials stirred together

    • B.

      A mixture is two or more materials stirred together

    • C.

      A mixture is a material

    Correct Answer
    B. A mixture is two or more materials stirred together
    The correct answer is "a mixture is two or more materials stirred together." This definition accurately describes a mixture as a combination of two or more substances that are physically combined, typically through stirring or mixing. It implies that a mixture can consist of various materials and does not limit it to only two substances.

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  • 2. 

    How can a mixture be separated?

  • 3. 

    What are the three states of matter

  • 4. 

    What is a compound?

  • 5. 

    What kind of change do mixtures go through?

  • 6. 

    What are three mixtures?

  • 7. 

    How are compounds created

  • 8. 

    How can you separate the mixture gravel and water?

  • 9. 

    What are five types of elements?

  • 10. 

    What are two characteristics of citric acid? 

  • 11. 

    Why is element 8 important?

  • 12. 

    How do you make a solution diluted? 

  • 13. 

    What is volume?

  • 14. 

    Is a chocolate chip cookie a mixture

  • 15. 

    Who is Henry Cavendish?

  • 16. 

    Who is Marie Curie

  • 17. 

    What are the four basic tastes our tongues detect?

  • 18. 

    Who is Karl Wilhelm Scheele

  • 19. 

    What are four things that have citric acid in them?

  • 20. 

    What are four reasons of salt use?

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