Mixtures And Solutions 1st Six Weeks Science

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Amount of mass in a known volume of an object.
  • 2. 
    The amount of space an object or substance takes up.
  • 3. 
    The amount of matter in an object.
  • 4. 
    A Measure of the pull of gravity on an object.
  • 5. 
    The ability of matter to float in a liquid or gas
  • 6. 
     A combination of two or more substances that do not form a new substance.
  • 7. 
    A mixture with one substance spread out so evenly in another substance that you cannot tell the two substances apart.
  • 8. 
    Another word for matter; something that has mass and takes up space.
  • 9. 
    To form a solution with another substance.
  • 10. 
    The change that happens to a substance during a chemical change. Something new is formed that can't be undone.

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