Michael Dell

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Michael S Dell Quizzes & Trivia

After watching the Michael Dell video answer the following 5 questions.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    How much of his own money did Michael Dell invest in his company when things were going bad?
    • A. 

      $700 million dollars

    • B. 

      $70 million dollars

    • C. 

      $7 million dollars

  • 2. 
    What was the result of this gamble?
    • A. 

      He made more than 2 million dollars.

    • B. 

      He lost half of his money.

    • C. 

      The stock fell, but Dell made money.

  • 3. 
    When did Michael Dell start his career?
    • A. 

      In a dorm room

    • B. 

      22 years ago

    • C. 

      56 years ago

  • 4. 
    Apart from lowering prices on computers, what is Dell doing to turn around it's business?
    • A. 

      Trying to improve customer service

    • B. 


    • C. 

      Closing some customer service centers

  • 5. 
    According to this report, Dell ___________________. 
    • A. 

      Agreed to an exclusive partnership with Intel

    • B. 

      Bought 2 million shares of Intel

    • C. 

      Will no longer only be using Intel chips

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