Is Your Crush Crushing On You?

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| By Makaykay13
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Is Your Crush Crushing On You? - Quiz

Maybe theres a boy or a girl youve been crushing on and just maybe he/shes been crushing back. Well if you really want to know maybe you can use this quiz to find the signs that may give u the answere!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    When you try to be friendly with he/she do they act friendly back or kind of brush you off?

    • A.

      He/she acts friendly back

    • B.

      He/she brushes me off with a quick reply

  • 2. 

    You see he/she at a public place and u flash a smile they smile back or ignore u

    • A.

      They totally smile,they even wave!

    • B.

      They act like im a stranger that they dont know

  • 3. 

    You offer he/she somthing of yours he/she excepts or declines

    • A.

      He/she takes it,says thankyou,and has a conversation with me

    • B.

      He/she looks around,grabs it,and has no reply

  • 4. 

    You acsedentally run into he/she and knock them over he/she gets really angry or says its ok and flashes a smile

    • A.

      He/she gets very mad

    • B.

      He/she says its okay and smiles at you

  • 5. 

    You have a bunch of stuff in your arms that you drop all over!

    • A.

      He/she laughs at you as they walk away

    • B.

      He/she hurrys over to help you gather your things

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