Holes Chapter 8 Novel Trivia Questions! Quiz

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Holes Chapter 8 Novel Trivia Questions! Quiz - Quiz

What do you know about Holes chapter 8? In this chapter, the dangerous yellow lizard is described. The lizards have eleven yellow spots, which can be challenging to see on their body. They have black teeth and white tongues. They reside in holes. They leap out of very deep holes and attack their prey. Take this quiz and see how much you know about this book.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Describe yellow-spotted lizards.
    • A. 

      9 yellow spots

    • B. 

      Spots can be seen from a mile away

    • C. 

      Yellow eyes

    • D. 

      11 yellow spots

    • E. 

      Spots are difficult to see

    • F. 

      Green eyes

    • G. 

      Black teeth

    • H. 

      Red eyes

    • I. 

      Milky tongue

    • J. 

      Red-yellow body

    • K. 

      Dry tongue

    • L. 

      Yellow-green body

    • M. 

      6-10 inches long

  • 2. 
    If you've ever been close enough to the yellow spots:
    • A. 

      You will be famous

    • B. 

      It will bite you

    • C. 

      You are probably dead

    • D. 

      You will probably get badly hurt

  • 3. 
    Where do yellow-spotted lizards like to live?
    • A. 

      In holes

    • B. 


    • C. 

      In trees

    • D. 

      In bushes

  • 4. 
    An animal that is hunted and killed by another for food WORD BANK:  curse, predatory, prey, lizard
  • 5. 
    An evil or misfortune to befall on someone or something WORD BANK:  curse, predatory, prey, lizard
  • 6. 
    Reptile that typically has a long body and tail, four legs, movable eyelids, and a rough, scaly, or spiny skin WORD BANK:  curse, predatory, prey, lizard
  • 7. 
    Relating to or denoting an animal or animals preying naturally on others WORD BANK:  curse, predatory, prey, lizard
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