Histology Of Nervous System! Trivia Questions Quiz

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Histology Of Nervous System! Trivia Questions Quiz - Quiz

The nervous system is made up of a collection of nerves and specialized cells known as neurons tasked with transmitting signals from different parts of the body. The body has billions of nerve cells that have over a hundred billion neurons. Do you know how cells are formed, their structure, and how they function? Get to learn more about the histology of the nervous system in this trivia questions quiz. All the best!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    List (2) types of cell populations that make up nervous tissue.

    The nervous tissue is composed of two types of cell populations: neurons and supporting cells. Neurons are the main functional cells of the nervous system, responsible for transmitting electrical signals and information. Supporting cells, on the other hand, provide structural and functional support to neurons. They help to maintain the overall health and functioning of neurons by providing insulation, nourishment, and protection. Together, neurons and supporting cells work in harmony to ensure proper communication and functioning of the nervous system.

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    What is the major functional difference between neuroglial cells and neurons?

    Neuroglial cells are nonexcitable cells of neural tissue, meaning they cannot generate or transmit nerve impulses. On the other hand, neurons are excitable cells that are specialized to generate and transmit electrical signals. This functional difference is important because neurons are responsible for transmitting information throughout the nervous system, while neuroglial cells have supportive roles such as providing structural support, insulation, and nourishment to neurons.

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    What sub-type of neuroglial would you find lining the central canal?

    The correct answer is "The epidemal cells." Epidemal cells are a sub-type of neuroglial cells that line the central canal. These cells are responsible for providing support and protection to the central nervous system.

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    What is the function of the epidermal cells?

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    What are structure and function of Dendrite?

    Dendrites are the receptive regions of a neuron, meaning they receive signals from other neurons. They have a diffusing branching structure that provides a large surface area for receiving these signals. This allows the dendrites to effectively collect and transmit information to the cell body of the neuron.

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