Czech Chapter 13 Neuters

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    The word "residence" is translated as "bydliště" in Czech.

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    "datum" is the singular form of the word "data" in Latin. It is used to refer to a single piece of information or a single point in a set of data. In English, "datum" is less commonly used, and "data" is often used as both the singular and plural form. However, in technical or scientific contexts, "datum" is still used to specifically refer to a single data point.

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    Personal identification number

    The term "rodné číslo" is the Czech translation for "personal identification number." It is a unique numerical code assigned to individuals in the Czech Republic for identification purposes. This number contains information about the person's date of birth, gender, and place of birth. So, "rodné číslo" is the correct term used in Czech to refer to a personal identification number.

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    The word "století" is the Czech translation of the English word "century". In the context of the question, it is likely that the question is asking for the translation of the word "century" into Czech. Therefore, the correct answer is "století".

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