China From The Qin Dynasty Through The Qing Dynasty

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China From The Qin Dynasty Through The Qing Dynasty - Quiz

This test is designed to assist those studying Chinese history from the Qin Dynsasty through the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What is a monsoon? 

  • 2. 

    Who was Con Fu Zu? 

  • 3. 

    What are the main points of Confucianism? 

  • 4. 

    What is the term for the wisdom translated by scholars? 

  • 5. 

    Who was Lao Tzu? 

  • 6. 

    What is Daoism? 

  • 7. 

    What is Legalism? 

  • 8. 

    What was the basic philsophy of the Qin Dynasty, and how long did it last? What major accomplishment did this dynasty begin? 

  • 9. 

    What is a concubine? 

  • 10. 

    What is a Eunuch? 

  • 11. 

    What is a Eunuch and how were they important for China? 

  • 12. 

    Who was Jengghis Khan? 

  • 13. 

    Who was Kublai Khan? 

  • 14. 

    What was the Yuan Dynasty famous for? 

  • 15. 

    Who was Hung-Wu (Ming Taizu)? 

  • 16. 

    What were the major accomplishments of the Ming Dynasty? 

  • 17. 

    What is the Forbidden City? 

  • 18. 

    Who was Zheng He? 

  • 19. 

    What was Cloisonne? 

  • 20. 

    Who was Wei Zhongxian? What did he do? 

  • 21. 

    Who was Li Zicheng? Why was he important? 

  • 22. 

    Who was General Wu Sankui? 

  • 23. 

    What was the Qing Dynasty famous for? 

  • 24. 

    What were Grand Secretaries? 

  • 25. 

    What is the Banner System? How many colors are there? 

  • 26. 

    What is the Queue? 

  • 27. 

    What is Footbinding? 

  • 28. 

    Who was Kangxi? 

  • 29. 

    Who was Yongzheng? What did he do? 

  • 30. 

    Who was Qianlong? 

  • 31. 

    Who was Heshen? 

  • 32. 

    What is the Pacification Program? 

  • 33. 

    Who is Tz'u-hsi (Cixi)? 

  • 34. 

    Who is Empress Dowager? 

  • 35. 

    What is a "foreign devil"? 

  • 36. 

    What is the Kowtow? 

  • 37. 

    What was important about Canton and Macao? 

  • 38. 

    Who are the Co-Hong Merchants? 

  • 39. 

    What did the British East India Company do in China? 

  • 40. 

    Who was Lord George McCartney? What did he do? 

  • 41. 

    What was the "Tribute from the Red Barbarians"?

  • 42. 

    What is the opposites in nature called? 

  • 43. 

    What is the mandate of Heaven? 

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