August Travel Trivia: Are You A Maphead?

15 Questions | Attempts: 1692

August Travel Trivia: Are You A Maphead? - Quiz

When I was a kid, reading road atlases for fun, I realized very quickly that not everyone else shared my obsession with maps and geography—that it is, in fact, considered a little bit weird to actually know where places are. But I came to terms long ago with this quirk, and was surprised to find, later in life, how many other people shared it. On this monthly geography quiz, mapheads, it’s finally our time to shine.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    The Suez Canal separates African Egypt from what peninsula?
  • 2. 
    What capital of Australia’s Northern Territory is also the world’s largest city named after a scientist?
  • 3. 
    The Charles Bridge across the Vltava River is an iconic symbol of what famously beautiful European capital city?
  • 4. 
    The western beaches of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda face which sea?
  • 5. 
    Yellowstone National Park lies on the border of three U.S. states, but 96 percent of the park belongs to which of those states?
  • 6. 
    What country moved its capital from Karachi to Islamabad in 1960?
  • 7. 
    In what Canadian territory would you find the Saint Elias Mountains, the nation’s highest?
  • 8. 
    What UNESCO World Heritage Site is a group of “trilithons” built on England’s Salisbury Plain?
  • 9. 
    The Cape of Good Hope, the traditional dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, is found in what country?
  • 10. 
    What’s the only Asian country through which the Equator passes?
  • 11. 
    What country’s 33 departments include Bolívar, Antioquia, and Bogotá?
  • 12. 
    In what U.S. state is the resort island of Hilton Head?
  • 13. 
    The northern 36% of what Mediterranean island nation is controlled by Turkey, which maintains a large military force there?
  • 14. 
    What continent’s east coast is drained by the Tocantins, Orinoco, and Paraná Rivers?
  • 15. 
    What city will you reach by driving east from San Francisco on I-80 across the Bay Bridge?
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