Assumptions About Teaching Methodologies

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Assumptions About Teaching Methodologies - Quiz

Trace each of the following assumptions to the appropriate teaching methodology it underlies. Instructions: Please DO NOT press the Back button in your browser. You have 50 minutes to complete 10 items. You have 2 attempts to take the quiz (optional).

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Observation of how animals learn greatly guides our knowledge about human learning.

    The audiolingual method, also known as ALM, is a language teaching approach that focuses on listening and speaking skills. It emphasizes repetitive drills and memorization of dialogues to develop language proficiency. This method became popular in the mid-20th century and was influenced by behavioral psychology theories of learning. It is believed that by observing how animals learn through repetition and reinforcement, educators can apply similar principles to human learning. Therefore, the audiolingual method is considered valuable in understanding and improving human learning processes.

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  • 2. 

    Adults learn L2 in the same way children learn L1.

    Total Physical Response (TPR) is a language teaching method that involves using physical movement and actions to help learners understand and acquire language. It is based on the idea that adults can learn a second language in a similar way to how children learn their first language, through listening and responding physically to commands or instructions. TPR aims to create a stress-free and enjoyable learning environment, where learners can actively engage with the language and develop their comprehension and speaking skills. By incorporating physical actions, TPR helps to reinforce vocabulary and grammar structures, making the learning process more memorable and effective.

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  • 3. 

    Foreign language learners learn through practice. Explicit knowledge of the rules is unessential.

    The Natural Approach (Krashen) and The Direct Method (Berlitz) are both language learning approaches that prioritize practice over explicit knowledge of rules. According to these methods, learners acquire language skills more effectively through immersion and meaningful communication rather than focusing on grammar rules. Both approaches emphasize the importance of exposure to authentic language use and encourage learners to develop their language skills naturally, similar to how children acquire their native language. Therefore, foreign language learners can benefit from these approaches by engaging in real-life practice and communication rather than solely relying on explicit knowledge of rules.

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    Learning languages is an innate biological capacity in human beings so their way of learning is genetically predetermined.

    The Audiolingual Method (ALM) is based on the belief that language learning is a natural ability that humans possess, and that the process of learning a language is determined by genetics. This method emphasizes the use of audio and repetition to develop listening and speaking skills, with a focus on pattern drills and memorization. The answer suggests that the ALM aligns with the idea that language learning is innate and genetically predetermined.

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  • 5. 

    Error correction is useless in language acquisition; thus, it should be kept to a minimum in foreign language classes.

    The correct answer is The Natural Approach (Krashen), The Direct Method (Berlitz). The Natural Approach, proposed by Krashen, emphasizes the importance of comprehensible input and believes that error correction is not necessary for language acquisition. The Direct Method, developed by Berlitz, also focuses on immersion and communication, prioritizing speaking and listening skills over error correction. Both approaches suggest that error correction should be kept to a minimum in foreign language classes to allow for natural language acquisition.

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  • 6. 

    Adult learners can become fluent in L2 without necessarily being taught explicit grammar rules.

    The Natural Approach and the Direct Method both emphasize the importance of immersion and exposure to the target language in order to develop fluency. These approaches focus on communication and meaningful interaction rather than explicit grammar instruction. By providing opportunities for adult learners to use the language in context, they can naturally acquire grammar rules and structures without needing to be explicitly taught them. This allows for a more natural and intuitive language learning experience.

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    Foreign language learners should not be forced to speak before they are ready to do so, since fluency emerges naturally if they are exposed to L2 ample time.

    The Natural Approach suggests that foreign language learners should not be forced to speak before they are ready because fluency emerges naturally when they are given ample exposure to the second language (L2). This approach emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive and immersive language learning environment where learners can gradually develop their speaking skills at their own pace. By allowing learners to become comfortable with the language through exposure and comprehension activities, they will eventually gain the confidence and fluency to speak spontaneously.

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  • 8. 

    Unless L2 errors are immediately corrected, they become permanent habits.

    The correct answer is the Audiolingual Method (ALM). The Audiolingual Method is a language teaching approach that emphasizes the importance of listening and speaking skills. It is based on the belief that language learning is best achieved through repetitive drills and pattern practice. In this method, errors are immediately corrected to prevent them from becoming permanent habits. ALM focuses on the development of accurate pronunciation and grammatical structures through intensive oral practice.

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  • 9. 

    Learners need controlled practice before they can freely produce new structures and forms in L2.

    The given correct answer states that learners need controlled practice before they can freely produce new structures and forms in L2. This implies that the Audiolingual Method (ALM) is a teaching approach that emphasizes repetitive drills and controlled practice to develop language skills. ALM focuses on listening and speaking skills, using audio recordings and dialogues to model correct pronunciation and grammatical structures. By engaging in controlled practice activities, learners can internalize the language patterns and gradually gain the ability to produce new structures and forms independently.

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  • 10. 

    Explicit grammar instruction in L2 is unnecessary if teachers organize learning so that learners can induce rules for themselves.

    This answer is correct because all three teaching methods mentioned - The Silent Way, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), and CLT - emphasize a learner-centered approach where learners are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process and discover language rules on their own. In these methods, the role of the teacher is to facilitate and guide the learning rather than explicitly instructing grammar rules. Therefore, explicit grammar instruction is considered unnecessary as learners can induce rules for themselves through meaningful communication and interaction.

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