Are You Smarter Than A Catholic 8th Grader: Morals

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This quiz tests your knowledge of the Catholic morals and teachings of the Church. It tests both the teaching on morality and how one would respond to scenarios at a practicing Catholic. Good luck. When you complete the quiz and see the answers you can click the button below each answer to see an explanation of the answers. Feel free to visit my blog site: Journal of God's Call http://crossman. Motime. Com

Sample Question

Contraception is:

Permissible only to married couples with the permission of their parish priest and under extenuating circumstances

Never permissible, no matter what the circumstances

Permissible if the husband and wife, after honest prayer, conclude it is right for them and do not use it selfishly

Permissible only if the wife's health would be in danger or if the husband is unable to support a large family

None of the above

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