ProProfs Launches Forever Free Knowledge Base Plan

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs plans to delight knowledge base users with its 20 pages Forever Free plan.

ProProfs today announced the launch of its Forever Free plan for knowledge bases. Companies that don’t need a very large knowledge base for their public or private use can take advantage of this plan which offers 20 pages free forever. The fully customizable knowledge base requires no downloads or installations and is perfect for creating and managing internal knowledge, help desk and online documentation.

“This move is in line with our brand promise of delight. Small to mid sized firms can now easily create knowledge base articles to share internal knowledge, create FAQ’s for their customers and user manuals. This can be a powerful repository of information and knowledge that can be searched anytime and anywhere by employees or customers – all for free!” said Sameer Bhatia, CEO of ProProfs.

ProProfs plans to delight knowledge base users in the following ways with its 20 pages Forever Free plan:

Unlimited Authors, Sites & Users: You can create unlimited knowledge base (or sites) and each can have unlimited authors. You can also have unlimited users with access controls such as editors, readers, etc.

Integrations & Single Sign-on: ProProfs Knowledge base integrates with Google, SalesForce, Single Sign on providers and many more including other ProProfs tools. You can also authenticate users with your own authentication service, such as your web application’s login or active directory service.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: ProProfs ensures your documentation fits all screen sizes and is accessible anytime and anywhere on multiples devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, iOs etc.

Easy Collaboration: Build private knowledge bases, accessible only to authorized users, with advanced authoring features such as conditional logic, workflows and more for easy collaboration.

Email and Phone Support: Get answers to support questions via email. Get instant phone support on any topic such as branding, implementation, security, integration or anything else.

Leading companies across the globe trust and use ProProfs for their online knowledge base needs. Learn more about ProProfs Knowledge Base features.

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