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Find New Brain Games, Puzzles and Teasers at ProProfs Games!

Awesome news, game lovers! At ProProfs, we’ve got some enticing gaming delights for you to enjoy with friends and family. Yes, we’ve been working hard to add a fresh list of awesome brain-teasers, logic games and puzzles to our list of ProProfs Games that you can play during your free-time or just whenever you’re in...
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Create Surveys 10 Times Faster by Adding Instructors

With ProProfs Survey Software, you can create surveys 10 times faster with the help of instructors. Your team of instructors can create bulk surveys in a short time for you. You can also manage instructors under a single ProProfs account and allow them to share surveys for review with each other. A team of instructors...
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Bring your Courses to Life with Amazing YouTube Videos

ProProfs makes it easy for you to add any YouTube video to an elearning course. You no longer have to copy/paste lengthy embed links or wait forever to upload HD quality videos to your course. Simply search for videos and add them to your course, all within ProProfs! Fun fact: “Visual content in a course...
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Create Beautiful Surveys with Custom Themes

Want to create beautiful surveys that get you more responses? Or maybe a survey that matches with your overall brand identity? With ProProfs, you can do both by creating custom survey themes, which show off your brand colors and logos. You can also customize background images, fonts and colors, so that the survey looks and...
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Bring your Course to Life with Enhanced Images

With ProProfs, create visual training courses and increase your learner engagement. Visual courses are known to make the learning experience more enjoyable, help learners understand better, invoke more learner interest and helps in increasing training completion rates by 93%!   Here’s how you can create visual courses Once inside the course creator, click on ‘Create...
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Earn by Selling Your Flashcards at ProProfs Store!

With ProProfs, you can easily create and sell your flashcards online and earn money. Flashcards (question and answer cards) are effective memory-aid tools that help learners learn and memorize new materials quickly. Scientific research proves that flashcards help you to study up to 7 times faster. You can now easily create unlimited flashcards and sell...
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Encourage Learning on the go with Mobile Flashcards

With ProProfs responsive flashcards teachers can encourage learners to study flashcards on the go, using multiple devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. Teachers can create their own set of mobile-friendly flashcards or choose from 100,000 ready-to-use flashcards in ProProfs library. They can easily add pictures and weblinks to the flashcards, which...
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Use E-Signatures for Your Forms

Have you ever created surveys or forms for online market research or an in-person questionnaire that really needed a signature field? With our e-signature feature, you can easily get the signatures of your respondents while creating registration forms, application forms, a non-disclosure agreement, a sales contract, online petitions or even online training. These can also...
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Easily add users from Gmail, Outlook, Excel & more

Exciting news, course creators! With ProProfs, you can easily add large number of learners to your training courses by importing contacts from Gmail, Google Apps Email, Outlook or even Excel. The feature helps save a lot of time and is a great option for course creators to quickly add new users to their courses. Here’s...
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Create quizzes in minutes with ProProfs’ new platform

ProProfs Quiz Maker has launched its new quiz making interface, that enables users to create quizzes easily in minutes. It includes a set of powerful new features designed to give users greater flexibility and a delightful experience while creating quizzes. The upgraded version offers an interactive “drag and drop” interface, enterprise white label options and...
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