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Save Time by Tracking Activity Across all Your Surveys at a Click

Have you ever wished that you could see all that’s been happening with your account at the single click of a button? ProProfs “Recent Activity Report” lets you do just that by helping you track activity across all of your surveys from one central location. This consolidated report saves you tons of time as you...
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Improve Learning with Worksheets and Handouts

With ProProfs, you can supplement learning with downloadable handouts and worksheets. At times, learners might find it difficult to grasp certain topics in your course. You can help them overcome this knowledge gap using downloadable handouts, at the end of a page or chapter, which quickly explains the key concepts that your course deals with....
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Boost Learner Engagement by 87% with Mobile Friendly Courses

ProProfs TM responsive design With 75% of workforce already mobile, today mobile learning is the norm rather than an exception. Whether it’s about training a geographically dispersed workforce or introducing blended learning in your classroom, you want your learners to be able to access your courses from their smartphones and tablets. With ProProfs Training Maker...
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Let your knowledgebase speak multiple languages!

The growth of international business increases the need to have an online knowledge base which teams across the globe can access in the language they speak. It is quickly becoming more important for businesses to fulfill this need so employees spread across across geographical regions can get access to crucial data. What’s more is that...
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Easily Track Learner Performance in Your Systems with ProProfs API

With ProProfs, you can easily share and receive information by working with our API. You can integrate your systems to seamlessly perform a number of tasks, one of which is tracking the progress of learners. Using our API, you can track learners without ever logging into ProProfs. You can instantly receive updated records of all...
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Track Where Learners Spend Most of Their Time

With ProProfs, you can now trace the time learners spend on every page of your training course. Our new feature lets you to not only see the total time taken by your learner on the overall course, but also analyze how much time they spent on every page as well. With this data, you can...
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Get Insights into Your Customers’ Choices with Survey Comments

With ProProfs comments you can create insightful customer feedback surveys, which gather data around not only what your customer choices are but also reveal the motivation behind their choices. Often, customers feel restricted in answering simple ranking and rating surveys. By adding comment fields, you allow your customers to share the reasons for their decisions....
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Save Time by Auto Enrolling Learners via API

With ProProfs, you can manage the registration of learners in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways to register learners to your classroom is by auto enrolling them via API. This is suitable for large enterprises such as manufacturing companies, where the employee churn is high, and large number of employees are...
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Make Course Content Accessible on a Predefined Schedule

With ProProfs, you can make your course chapters available to learners on a predefined schedule. This helps you to offer your course to learners in bite-size pieces making it easier for them to understand the course content as well as increasing the overall engagement during the learning process.   You can create the whole course...
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