Embracing the Importance of Agility at Work

Adjusting to changes in projects shouldn’t be a chore and it shouldn’t cause problems for everyone involved. Similarly, no change should be a huge surprise to everyone on a project. Working on a project, and anything you’re currently spending time on, with an agile approach can ensure issues are kept to a minimum. An agile...
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Checklist for Creating an Effective Customer Survey

I came across a quote on the internet the other day, and it struck a chord. It said, “The customer’s perception is your reality”. We present a brand image to our customer of who we are, but in the end, the reality is what the customer views it to be. Companies have realized the importance...
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How to Ensure Proper Communication Flow Within Marketing Teams

Imagine this: You have numerous marketing campaigns to look after. Each campaign is managed by different sets of people who keep you posted on how their strategies are being implemented. But even after proper work segregation, you face challenges like delayed implementation of strategies, delayed delivery of content and improper use of media, therefore leaving...
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How to Build a Corporate Encyclopedia for Your Business

Knowledge management is a key aspect of any business for the simple reason that it drives employee productivity, enhances efficiency and streamlines work processes. In fact, knowledge management not done right can seriously harm your business growth. Consider this – According to International Data Corp. (IDC), ineffective knowledge sharing has resulted in a mammoth financial...
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How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to WordPress Website

Live Chat is often misconstrued as a tool only used by premium websites owned by large enterprises. Most of you may think that it isn’t easy to set up a 24*7 live support system. Right? Well, that’s not true in all the cases. ProProfs Chat, when integrated with WordPress makes real-time communication with website visitors...
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How to Create a Quiz

In a technology-driven world where everything is catching up with the pace of digitization, the way people look at learning is also changing. People now seek to save time and efforts by opting for smart solutions even when it comes to assessing training performances. In this trend, online quiz maker is one tool that has...
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