How Can a Knowledge Base Improve Customer Retention

A full-fledged knowledge management system can work wonders for an organization. Given the various benefits it offers, it has become a necessity for managing business knowledge and streamlining processes among both small and large businesses. Besides, a knowledge management system also helps firms to cater to their customers in a better way, provide them the...
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Enhance Service Process with Customer Service Collaboration

Imagine a situation where your customers are leaving your business due to inefficient customer support. You get a clear indication that your customer support department lacks the resources to timely resolve customer queries.   Then it’s high time you make up for your inefficient customer support and enhance customer service. Train your operators and offer abundant...
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How to Make the Best Multiple Choice Questions Test

Many of you reading this will admit to the joy of taking a multiple-choice test as students. Probably because they’re quick since you don’t have to type in long answers or because of the number of choices that help us answer the question. They’re indeed fun.  “Although people often think about multiple-choice tests as tools...
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What is Project Management Software and Why Do You Need One

Managing a project isn’t easy.  There are so many challenges that project managers and team members face on a daily basis, ranging from defining clear project goals and objectives to generating detailed reports every month to check team performance. Further, you could be facing other challenges such as meeting your project deadlines, handling your limited...
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Top Knowledge Management Trends of 2019

Knowledge management has created a buzz in the business landscape, with organizations across a spectrum of industries, embracing it wholeheartedly. Powered by technology, knowledge management today is much more than what it used to be. Its scope has widened, thanks to the robust software tools that are making it easier for firms to manage knowledge...
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How to Choose the Best Collaboration Software for Your Organization

Technology is what unites the corners of the world. It is the driving force for building a highly networked environment around us. This networked environment has made a major disruption across diverse businesses by bringing teams together with enterprise collaboration software. Across the world, we understand that only 42% of small & medium companies rely...
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10 Ways Technology Will Affect the Future of Customer Service

What’s your impression of good customer service?Most businesses do their best to serve their audience in the most effective way possible. The customers demand greater efficiency, so businesses compete to deliver it. According to Customers 2020: A Progress Report by Walker, consumers will consider customer service to be more important than product and pricing by...
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Why Choose Agile Project Management Software for Mobile App Development Projects?

The market for mobile app development is growing rapidly in line with the steady advancement of mobile technology. This intense competition has initiated the demand for a more flexible and credible app development approach. No business can survive unless they adapt to the continually changing market conditions. In today’s time, it’s a challenging task to...
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AOV vs. LTV: Why Customer Lifetime Value Matters

Bundling? Free shipping? Suggested items? All of these eCommerce strategies work toward the same goal: getting customers to buy more on each visit, increasing the average order value. And they hold an important place in boosting revenue for your eCommerce brand. But what about increasing the lifetime value of your customers? Focusing on increasing order...
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