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51+ Best Project Management Software & Tools [Updated Oct 2019]

Choosing the best and right project management tool for your company needs research. Here are 51+ tools that you must consider. Take a look!

Buyers Guide: How to Choose The Best Project Management Software

Planning to buy a project management tool? Here's the ultimate guide to choose the best tool for your company.

A Step By Step Guide To Project Planning

When planning a project, it is crucial to follow a specific procedure to avoid any mishaps. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you plan projects easily.

100+ Project Management Statistics & Facts (Updated 2019)

Staying on top of your game is the best way to be #1 in your industry. We bring to you 51 project management statistics that'll help you achieve just that.

What is Project Management Software and Why Do You Need One

Get insights into what is a project management software and see how it can help your business grow exponentially.

Project Management Methodologies 101: The What, Why, How, & Types Explained

With so many project management methodologies to choose from, how do you select the right one for your business? This blog answers all your questions!

How to Create a Knowledge Base: The Complete Guide

Are you one of those firms that are bombarded with support tickets and looking for a quick solution to this constant problem?  Is your support staff buried under customer calls, emails, and tickets, and hardly get time to breathe? Well, it’s time you bring a strategic change in your business processes. The solution to this...
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ProProfs Figures Among ‘Top 20 Health and Safety Training Companies’ by Training Industry

ProProfs finds a place among the Top 20 Health and Safety Training Companies for 2019. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, announced the list on September 26, 2019. The list targets critical sectors of the training marketplace and intends to inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers...
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Starting Up Your Business? Here are 8 Common Business Mistakes You Must Avoid!

So I take it you’re thinking of venturing out and establishing a business?  First things first, check out the awesome infographic below to provide some added guidance on whether or not you’re actually ready for self-employment and setting up shop. by alexwestgate. From Visually. Made it all the way to the end?  Or perhaps you’ve...
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How to Create the Perfect Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Marketing strategies are the base of reaching the top league. For example, Heineken. It wasn’t a big brand at the start, and now? Everyone knows the beer brand by heart. You know why?  Their marketing strategies make them unique and stand out of the crowd.  One such campaign that really helped Heineken come on the...
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How Support Desk Software Guarantees Customer Success

For every $1 you invest in customer experience through help desk and similar platforms, you can reap a return on investment of $3. So it makes sense to leverage on a support desk software to grow your customer experience. After all, you cannot afford bad customer service. U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually...
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How to Unlock the True Potential of Social Listening

  It is the age of customers. It is the age of social media. On average people spend over 135 minutes on social media every day.  The average time spent on social media in 2018 was 144 minutes, which is more than a 60% increase from 2012.  Another fun fact: the number of users on...
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Educational Assessment Software: The Evolution of Evaluation

AI & Machine learning has penetrated almost every vertical, education included.  As revealed in an eSchool report, AI in the education sector is expected to grow by 47.5% through 2021. Fortunately, they are not here to disrupt the modern methodologies applied in the classrooms around the globe.  It is quite the opposite; both AI and...
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Why Online Documentation Tools Are Marketing Assets

Ask any business owner if marketing plays a significant role in growing his or her firm, and the answer would be a resounding yes.  Now ask whether documentation stands anywhere in the picture, and the reply would be a shocking No, except a few who might have realized its importance. With the extent to which...
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