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5 Companies Examples With A+ Knowledge Management Skills

Get inspired by these examples of companies that have excelled at online knowledge management.

How to Create a Knowledge Base: The Complete Guide

Learn how to build an effective online knowledge base with this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

What Is a Knowledge Base: Everything You Need to Know

Worried about the increasing volume of support tickets and struggling to find a solution? Here's everything you need to know about a knowledge base and how it can help.

How to Build a Powerful Customer Service Knowledge Base

Learn how to build a customer service knowledge base. Reduce tickets, enhance staff productivity, and serve customers in a better way.

5 Critical Features Every Knowledge Management System Should Have

Here's a list of the five major features that a knowledge base software should have.

How to Create the Best Online Manuals

Planning to create an online user manual? Here are some of the best practices that can make your work easier.

How to Create an Internal Knowledge Base

Did you know?  Fortune 500 companies can lose a whopping $31.5 billion every year because of poor knowledge-sharing practices Effective knowledge sharing can increase employee productivity by 10-40%. Internal knowledge management is indeed the need of the hour. To completely reap its benefits, businesses can use a knowledge base system in two specific ways –...
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ProProfs Wins ‘Best eLearning Software for Employee Training 2019’ Award

ProProfs makes headlines yet again with the prestigious ‘Best eLearning Software for Employee Training 2019’ award. Our flagship product Training Maker won the coveted recognition in the Platinum category under Electronic Media/Social Media/Interactive Media/Web Element/E-Learning at the Hermes Creative Awards, 2019. The outstanding achievement was preceded by a neck-and-neck contest between thousands of strong contenders....
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5 Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Lead Generation

Anyone with a decent computer and an Internet connection can create a business website. The real question is, can you attract traffic and generate high-quality leads to match your conversion goals? With so many lead generation software solutions, marketing tools, and apps available on the market, one would think that creating more leads has become...
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Different Customer Types: Issues & Solutions

A good business sense demands you to treat every person as a customer, even if they are just window shopping or casually checking out products on your website. You should make them feel welcome, giving them enough attention so that they can at least feel inclined to spend some time at your marketplace. In your...
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How to Create Online FAQs with FAQ Software

Providing quality products and services to customers is, of course, the priority of every business. But it does no good when customers’ questions are overlooked, and there is no defined strategy to resolve them.  No matter how easy-to-use your product or service is, customers and prospects will always have some questions. You will need to...
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Why Is It Important for Customer Support to Use Social Media

The constant evolution of technology is changing the way we communicate. This has seen new forms of customer support come in. From toll-free numbers to automated chat boxes, these new ways are more accessible and more convenient. Social media is the latest of these ways and is changing the way customer service is provided. Moreover,...
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How to Write a Sales Script for Sales Enablement [With Example]

Convincing prospects about your products or services is a daunting challenge. You have to literally read their minds and be cautious while interacting with them, over calls, or emails. You might be a seasoned sales executive with substantial experience, but there is always an interaction that could go wrong.  To be confident and extra sure...
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How to Establish The Ultimate Omni-Channel Customer Support System

52% of customers expressed in a survey that they are willing to pay more for speedy and efficient customer experience. While, 42% of consumers would do the same for a friendly, welcoming experience with a brand. Such numbers indicate that great quality results in huge profitability for a company. What’s more, it is also an...
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FAQ Page Best Practices: How to Optimize Your FAQ Section

One of the best aspects of knowledge management software is that you can use it to create an FAQ section on your website. This section is dedicated to the key questions people are likely to ask regarding your business, products, or services. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and forms a significant part of various...
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Personalize Customer Experience for Positive Brand-Building

When you start a small business, you begin with a blank slate. Every decision you make builds the foundation for your enterprise’s future. If you want to build a solid foundation, create a compelling brand that resonates with your target audience. For this, providing excellent experiences to your customers is a prerequisite. Don’t forget that...
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