ProProfs Survey Maker Rated Among the Best Survey & Market Research Software in 2019 at SoftwareWorld

SoftwareWorld Ranks ProProfs Among Top 10+ Survey Software & Market Research Software in 2019

ProProfs is proud to announce another feat of ranking 3rd in the list of Top 10+ Survey Software in 2019 and 4th among the Top 10+ Market Research Software In 2019ProProfs Survey Maker was ranked by the widely known SaaS review website, SoftwareWorld, thus claiming it to be one of the top choices of 2019 made by users. The makers of the list aim to inform professionals about the best survey software solutions in the market.

There were various ranking criteria, however, the main contributing factor was the acknowledgment received in the form of votes that users gave based on their experience with the product.

ProProfs is a leading provider of software as a service with more than 1,000,000 pages of online content created in 70+ languages and a client base consisting of top MNCs and universities. Organizations across the globe use our survey maker software to capture customer/client/employee feedback and improve existing products/services. Our product line includes Training Maker, Quiz Maker, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Help Desk, Project, and many more.

ProProfs Survey Maker, an online survey creator, has been used to create over 50,000 surveys and receive more than 4 million responses via different surveys like scored surveys, in-app surveys, NPS surveys, and more. Our online survey tool also creates quizzes, pop-up surveys, and polls to help users get detailed feedback from their target audience.

We’d like to take this opportunity and thank SoftwareWorld for recognizing ProProfs as the top Survey Software in 2019.