Steps to Create a Graded Quiz for Your Online Course

create a graded quiz

Whether you are an educational or a corporate trainer, you realize the importance of adding a certification feature to your online course(s). Earning certifications from online training programs is one reason why your learners pursue e-learning. Adding some form of examination or test to the online course plays a critical role in certifying your learner. Quizzes and tests allow you to keep a check on your trainees if they are retaining the right information. You need to ensure they follow the right track to the online program. In one of the studies conducted by Harvard researchers, adding frequents tests to e-learning improves retention power of your trainees. Besides, creating quizzes and integrating them into your live course brings much versatility to your online platform.

Having learned about the benefits of adding a quiz, test or, examination to your course online, let us see how to create a graded quiz step-by-step using a professional quiz maker.

Create a Graded Quiz from Scratch - As a trainer, you may not wish to use a readymade graded quiz template to create assessments. Instead, you may like to build a quiz from scratch.

Create a Graded Quiz Using a Ready-to-Use Template- Graded quiz templates serve as an easy and quick way to create a scored quiz. You can customize these quiz templates by branding them your way and adjusting the questions and answers.

Let us learn the steps to create quizzes both ways:

Step 1

Type the title of the quiz you want to create. The title needs to be simple and understandable. You may choose it, keeping in mind your target audience.

Step 2

Enter a description for the quiz that you are creating. This description lets your learners understand the need to take the quiz. You may even highlight the goals your learners achieve once they have taken the assessment.

Step 3

Click on “Change Image” and add an image to your quiz by uploading the same from your computer. You may even choose an image from image library accessible to you or search on Google. You can upload a video by searching for an appropriate video on YouTube.

Step 4

With a professional quiz maker lending you access to more than 100000 questions, you have the liberty to choose from various question types. Multiple Choice, Checkbox, True/False, Fill in the blank, Essay, and Matching are few question types that you may use to create quizzes for learners.

Step 5

Irrespective of the question type you choose, what you need to do first is to create the question or statement and upload supporting image if you wish to. In multiple choice and checkbox question type, give options with or without style to your learners and upload supporting images. You may add new options if you want. Keep image tab “off” in case you want no images. As a trainer, you can give an explanation to your trainee after they attempt a question.

Additionally, you may select or deselect “required question” and “grading” options. In “true/false” question type, only responses you expect from your trainees is true or false. While talking about “Fill in the blank” question type, one can type the question by creating blank spaces within it. Answers for different blanks can be given in different blocks. You may even separate multiple correct answers by using commas. If “essay” is your question type, you may define maximum character limit, and box size (in lines or character width) for your assesses. In “match” the following question type, you may type choices and matches; moving columns as you want to. Adding tags helps you to organize questions better. The best part about tags is that they are only visible to you.

Step 6

While creating a quiz from scratch, you have the option to add a note, document audio/video or, comprehension to the assessment. You can also upload your responses against every question. Trainers can even import questions from an existing quiz or upload their excel file. Uploading questions in spreadsheet format is also an option open for you.

Step 7

Whether you create a scored quiz from scratch or use a readymade quiz template, you can edit settings the way you want. In general settings, you can set parameters for scoring, time to complete the quiz, result type, order and number of questions, attempts allowed, questions to display per page, quiz report, and completion certificate. In scoring, you have the choice to assign total points to the quiz or allocate points to each question. For the sake of convenience, you can set the result type as fail or pass. Your trainees, thus, feel happy to get instant results; focusing more on their areas of improvement. You can notify your trainees of the optional questions. Besides, you can make settings related to security, notifications, price, theme, social media, and integrations. As quizmaster, you can even work on advanced settings of your quiz. The best part is that you can create quizzes in multiple languages and that’s the beauty of a professional quiz maker.

Watch this video to Know How To Create A Scored Quiz

In the steps that follow, you may email your quiz to your learners, share the quiz link with them or paste it on a webpage, share it on social media or, embed it on your website or blog. You may even take a printout of your quiz with the answer key. Once your trainees participate in the quiz, you have access to their score reports. These reports enable you to see who took the quiz, results, and other details. You may also click “View” to access a quiz taker’s detailed report. You find out what they answered to each question through this report.

Now that you are all set to create a scored quiz, it is time to research and choose the right quiz maker for your online training course. Go for one that is reliable, advanced, and provides all the benefits you wish your learners to enjoy.

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