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Mental Illness Questions

  • Do u often feel moody. have extreme mood swings.
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  • Do u feel sad or depressed a big amount of the time. no energy, resulting in sleeping habit changes or weight gain or loss?
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  • What is Autism?

  • People with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, are dangerous and more likely to commit violent crimes.
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  • People with mental illness are more likely to have a Drug and/or Alcohol addiction than a person without a mental disorder.
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  • How many babies are born with autism?

  • It is easy to recognize people with mental illness because they ACT crazy.
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  • Do u feel really energetic at times. a lot of the time? need to move around?
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  • Which mental illness is the fastest-growing developmental disbility?

Test your knowledge about people with mental illness!
This is just a quiz i made to seewhat you know about mental illnesses.
Im not a theripist, but these results could b accurate, but dont take it too seriously. :)