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Which part of the computer shows you information from the computer?

Answer: Monitor
The monitor is the part of the computer that displays information from the computer. It is the screen that allows users to see text, images, videos, and other visual content. The mouse, keyboard, and camera are input devices that allow users to interact with the computer, but they do not directly show information from the computer. Therefore, the correct answer is monitor.

Which part of the computer are the brains of the computer?

Answer: Central Processing UnitCPU
The correct answer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is often referred to as the brain of the computer because it is responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. It controls the operations of all the other hardware components and manages the flow of data within the computer system. The CPU contains the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) which performs mathematical and logical operations, and the control unit which coordinates and controls the activities of the computer. Without the CPU, the computer would not be able to process and execute instructions, making it an essential component for the computer's functioning.

Which computer part can you point and click with?

Answer: Mouse
A mouse is a computer part that can be pointed and clicked with. It is an input device that allows users to control the cursor on the screen by moving it around and clicking on icons, buttons, and other elements. The mouse typically has one or more buttons that can be pressed to perform various actions such as selecting, dragging, and dropping. It is an essential tool for navigating and interacting with graphical user interfaces on computers.

Which computer parts give you sound from the computer?

Answer: SpeakersHeadphones
The computer parts that give you sound from the computer are speakers and headphones. Speakers are external devices that produce sound, while headphones are audio output devices that you can wear on your ears to listen to sound privately. Both speakers and headphones are designed to convert electrical signals into audible sound waves, allowing you to hear audio from your computer. The other options, mouse and laptop, do not directly produce sound but are essential components for input and overall computer functionality.

What does PDA stand for?

Answer: Personal Digital Assistant
The correct answer is "Personal Digital Assistant." PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant, which refers to a handheld device that provides various functions such as organizing schedules, managing contacts, and accessing the internet. It is a portable electronic device that assists individuals in their personal and professional tasks. The other options, Partial Designer Assistant and Public Digital Assistance do not accurately represent the commonly known meaning of PDA.

Which part of the computer is used to type in information into the computer?

Answer: Keyboard
The keyboard is the part of the computer that is used to type in information. It consists of a set of keys that are arranged in a specific layout, allowing the user to input text, numbers, and commands into the computer. The monitor, mouse, and laptop are not used for typing in information, making them incorrect options. Therefore, the correct answer is keyboard.

What is the full form of 'RAM'?

Answer: Random access memory
RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a type of computer memory that allows data to be read from or written to in almost the same amount of time regardless of the physical location of the data inside the memory. This makes it a fast and efficient form of memory for storing and accessing data that is actively being used by the computer's processor. Unlike Read Only Memory (ROM) which is non-volatile and retains data even when the computer is turned off, RAM is volatile and requires constant power to retain data.

What component in a computer converts AC power from the wall outlet into the DC power required by the computer's internal components?

Answer: Power Supply Unit (PSU)
The Power Supply Unit (PSU) converts AC power from the wall outlet into DC power, which is required by the computer's internal components. The motherboard houses essential components, the heat sink dissipates heat, and the NIC enables network connectivity.

Which type of memory is non-volatile and used to store firmware?

Answer: ROM
ROM (Read-Only Memory) is non-volatile memory used to store firmware, such as the computer's BIOS or UEFI. Unlike RAM, which is volatile and loses data when power is off, ROM retains data permanently. Cache memory is a small, high-speed storage for frequently accessed data, and SSD (Solid State Drive) is a storage device for persistent data.

Which component of a computer is primarily responsible for managing and coordinating the communication between the CPU, RAM, and other hardware?  

Answer: Northbridge
The Northbridge is a chipset on the motherboard responsible for managing and coordinating communication between the CPU, RAM, and other high-speed components such as the GPU. The Southbridge handles I/O functions and peripheral communications. The GPU is dedicated to graphics processing, and the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) initializes hardware during the boot process.
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