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This quiz will help in the troubleshooting area. As a tech. your clients may not always give you details and you have to narrow the cause down to what information they have given you. I tried to incorporate troubleshooting from...

Questions: 60  |  Attempts: 6527
  • Sample Question
    You are working for a small business as a computer tech. You notice that one of the users keeps shutting her computer down by pressing the power button, instead of using the shut down process of the operating system. You inform the user that this is not a good practice because? (choose 2)

Before you start, please ensure that you've taken the Intro Quiz and Bronze quizzes.If you have not completed them then we won't be able to reward you for completing this one.   Anyway, relax and have fun; it'll only...

Questions: 45  |  Attempts: 2023
  • Sample Question
    If your My giffgaff page is showing "Balance N/A" what does that mean?

In today's era if you don't know how to operate a computer then you are not counted as Techno savvy. Whether its school, college or office computer is a necessity for completing any task. Even computer education is...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 627
  • Sample Question
    What is the most likely cause of a Windows Error (Blue Screen of Death) on a typical home computer?

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Troubleshooting Questions & Answers

What is the first step when troubleshooting?
This is badly worded people.
What are the possible causes for Cisco VPN Error 429? Diane is unable to connect to the Apollo Group network using the Cisco VPN client because encounters the error: "Reason 429: Unable to...
The correct answer would be C) no internet connection. This is because a VPN is a virtual private network, and still needs an internet connection to make it work. The easiest thing that anyone could tell Diane is to reset her modem or try manually d
What manufacturer of a video card would you choose if your JUST into Gaming?
Why ATI though? NVIDIA is an appropriate answer for gamers too.