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When computers came in use, little did we know that one day people need to be guarded against the evils of this blessing. Take the online computer ethics quizzes to understand how to use computers properly, the good and bad acts when using computers, and how to keep yourself safe from malicious acts.
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With the introduction of computers there is a lot of evil that was being spread through the internet and people using it to cause damages to others. If you are new at some organization there are some computer ethics you will be...

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    What are computer ethics?

Simple Computer ethics quiz...

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      Jules has walked away from a lab computer without logging off. Trish sits down and, still logged in as Jules, sends inflammatory e-mail messages out to a number of students and posts similar messages on the class newsgroup.

This quiz covers basic topics relating to the ethical use of computers 

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    Ethics are:

To identify the different violations committed in computer ethics.

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    1. Copying ideas, expressions, and graphical designs without acknowledging the owners and claim it as yours

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    Q.1)  Ethics are: