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Which statement are correct for ABAP Workbench Tools?
Declaring option D as "wrong" is wrong. Either simply do it before generating questions/options. Or see any dosumentation of SAP, for example: https://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw73ehp1/helpdata/en/d1/8019f9454211d189710000e8322d00/frameset.htm
What actions must you perform? You have created a Web Dynpro view that shows data for airline connections between cities.You want to display flight data for a specific date in a different view...
I have other soluton key. Instead "Edit the handler method in the view controller" my solution is "Add a client-side event in the view" I'm confused, can you give my a correct answer?
Which of the following statements apply in this context? In the case of classes, we distinguish between two types of components (Attributes and methods): Instance components and static components.
1. In a static method, instance attributes can also be used, provided they are declared as READ ONLY.2. Instance methods can use both static as well as instance components in their implementation part.3. Both static as well as instance attributes are
Which Statements are correct regarding MySAP BI components?
There are two answers that are correct. The first one is A. This stands for SAP Business Information Warehouse. (SAP BW) The other answer is SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM). SAP BW is a data warehousing tool. This can store all of the i