What Kind Of Hiker Are You?

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What Kind Of Hiker Are You? - Quiz

"Hike your own hike," is a saying you will here alot while thru-hiking or section hiking the Appalachian Trail, and it is true. Everyone has a different pace and a different strategy that works for them. Take this quiz to see what kind of hiking style most accurately matches your personality. Quiz consists of:5 - personality questions4 - hiking related questions

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Efficient Hiker

You are goal driven and want to hike as far and as fast as possible. You are willing to spend the extra money to get the lightest and most technologically advanced hiking gear on the market. You are willing to sacrifice overall comfort if it will allow you to hike further, faster. Efficient Hiker Attributes: Fast hiking pace, Spends the extra money for ultralight gear, Carries minimal gear, High tolerance for stress and pain.

Balanced Hiker

You hike at a steady pace, and carry lightweight gear. You buy the best lightweight gear you can, whithout going over your budget.  You do not mind a little extra weight if it means you get to carry a few luxuries like, an extra pair of socks, a book to read at night, and a pocket radio to listen to while hiking. You have reasonable distance goals, but you stop to enjoy the views. Balanced Hiker Attributes: Steady hiking pace, Carries light/budget friendly gear, Carries a few items to make the trek more comfortable.

Prepared Hiker

You enjoy hiking at a casual pace, and relaxing in the great outdoors. You carry extra food and a variety of gear so that you are prepared for anything. You buy the most comfortable gear available as comfort is more important to you than distance. You enjoy hanging out in camp and resting at scenic overlooks. Prepared Hiker Attributes: casual hiking pace, Carries a lot of gear, Spends the extra money for more comfortable gear, not concerned with weight as long as it is comfortable.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    When you go on vacation
    • A. 

      You like to plan your activities

    • B. 

      You prefer to go with the flow

  • 2. 
    You would describe yourself as
    • A. 

      A very competitive person

    • B. 

      Not a competitive person

  • 3. 
    When you cook a meal at home
    • A. 

      You experiment by cooking with different recipes

    • B. 

      You cook something that is quick and easy to make

  • 4. 
    You would describe yourself as having a
    • A. 

      High tolerance for pain and stress

    • B. 

      Average tolerance for pain and stress

    • C. 

      Low tolerance for pain and stress

  • 5. 
    Of these choices what brand of car would you buy?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 6. 
    When you go hiking you
    • A. 

      Are well prepared for any possible situation

    • B. 

      Take the bare essentials needed to survive

  • 7. 
    You hike to
    • A. 

      Achieve a goal or reach a destination (vista, camp, etc.)

    • B. 

      Get away from it all, and experience nature

  • 8. 
    If a new technology/material is used to create a piece of hiking gear you
    • A. 

      Buy it imediately to take advantage of its new features

    • B. 

      Let a few people review its advantages first, before you make a purchase

    • C. 

      Might buy it once it becomes a highly recommended to seller and the prices comes down

  • 9. 
    When selecting hiking gear you always purchase
    • A. 

      Ultralight gear regardless of price

    • B. 

      The lightest gear that your strict budget will allow

    • C. 

      Ultra comfortable gear regardless of price

    • D. 

      The most comfortable gear that your strict budget will allow

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