Are You A True Sith?

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Are You A True Sith? - Quiz

Are you a true old-fashioned Sith, or are you one of those soft ones? Being a True Sith means that you have what it takes to rule the galaxy and survive! Do you have what it takes, or will you die like the rest of those fools? With actual context from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    You are visiting the Sith worlf of Korriban, taking a look around and enjoying a vacation, as most force-powered individuals do every now and then. You are allowed a free tour of the tomb of Tulak Hord, and ancient Sith Lord. Excited to see such a monument, you accept, and go along with about 10 other people. Not long after entering, you notice a corridor the rest of the group is not taking, and decide to take it yourself, finding an ancient computer. Upon pressing a button, a nearby door immediately opens up. You walk inside to surrounded by naucious fumes and faint upon the floor.Hours later, you wake up to find a wrinkly old man with scary eyes and pale skin. He eagerly greets you."Hello! I'm glad to see you awake so soon! Allow me to introduce myself! I am Jorak Uln; the past leader of the academy. You stupid tourists are always bothering me as I nap away in this tomb! It's a bit dusty, but it's quite comfortable. Tell you what: if you can answer my questions correctly, I'll let you go! If not, then I'll kill you for waking me up! And don't even try to run or attack me; you are in no condition to move after you'd been poisoned! Let's begin!"Now, then. Your immediate superior amongst the Sith is an effective commander and a fine leader. He trsuts you and you like him. You see an opportunity to kill him. What do you do?"

    • A.

      I kill him in secret and put the blame on someone else.

    • B.

      I do nothing. He's a fine leader, you said. He's good for the Sith.

    • C.

      I use the opporutnity to kill him and take his position.

  • 2. 

    "And so we come to round two. You come across a group of humans who are threatened by fangerous animals. They plead for help, offering you a reward. What do you do?"

    • A.

      I accept the reward and assist them.

    • B.

      I take the reward and leave the weak fools to their fate.

    • C.

      I ignore them completely.

  • 3. 

    "Let's see...ah, yes. You discover an aspect of the Force that gives you great power. Do you share it and strengthen the Sith as a whole or keep it to yourself?"

    • A.

      I keep it to myself.

    • B.

      I share it.

  • 4. 

    "Still going? Alright, then. One of your underlings has made a major mistake which makes you look bad. He is normally very competent and skilled. Do you kill him or give him another chance?"

    • A.

      Kill him.

    • B.

      Give him another chance.

  • 5. 

    "Last question! You're about to die. Do you pass on your knowledge to your apprentice to make him stronger...or do you use your last brath to strike at your enemies?"

    • A.

      I pass on my knowledge.

    • B.

      I strike at my enemies.

    • C.

      Trick question. True Sith never die!

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