The Time Machine: Chapters 5-8

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The Time Machine: Chapters 5-8 - Quiz

This is a quiz for a Learning Support English Language Arts class on The Time Machine. It focuses on material from chapters 1-8, specifically on chapters 5-8 of an adapted version of the text.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    They live underground in the future. 

    The correct answer is Morlocks. The given statement suggests that the Morlocks live underground in the future. This is a reference to the novel "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, where the Morlocks are depicted as a species of subterranean creatures that inhabit the distant future. They are portrayed as a dystopian society that has evolved from humans and live underground due to the deteriorated state of the Earth's surface.

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  • 2. 

    They only eat fruits and vegetables. 

  • 3. 

    They cannot see during the day. 

  • 4. 

    People who are very short

  • 5. 

    The workers who make clothing and sandals

  • 6. 

    People who act like children 

  • 7. 

    Weena is what type of person? 

    Weena is an Eloi.

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  • 8. 

    "Meat" eaters 

    The term "Morlocks" is given as the answer. However, without any context or additional information provided in the question, it is not possible to determine the exact meaning or connection between "Meat eaters" and "Morlocks". It is likely that the question is incomplete or not readable, and therefore, a proper explanation cannot be generated.

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  • 9. 

    Ape-like people with worm-colored skin 

    The given answer "Morlocks" is correct because it matches the description provided in the question. The question states that the individuals being referred to are ape-like people with worm-colored skin. In H.G. Wells' novel "The Time Machine," the Morlocks are depicted as a species of underground-dwelling creatures who resemble ape-like humans and have pale, almost worm-like skin. Therefore, "Morlocks" is the appropriate answer based on the given information.

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  • 10. 

    Realizes that Morlocks eat the Eloi

    The given correct answer is "Time Traveler". This is because the statement "Realizes that Morlocks eat the Eloi" is associated with the character "Time Traveler". It implies that the Time Traveler becomes aware of the fact that the Morlocks, a subterranean species, feed on the Eloi, who are surface-dwelling humans. Therefore, the Time Traveler is the one who realizes this information.

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