Strategies For Success Final: Top 20 Or Bottom 80 ?

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Strategies For Success Final:  Top 20 Or Bottom 80 ? - Quiz

Final Exam for Strategies for Success class

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Answer the questions below with complete sentences on how you plan to respond in your Mock Interview: Tell me about yourself. (Why should we hire you?)

  • 2. 

    Name three words that describe you. (Give an example for each)

  • 3. 

    What do you think are your weaknesses? (Also include how you are working on improving in this area.)

  • 4. 

    Give an example where you worked as a team. 

  • 5. 

    What would you do if a co-worker was not doing their fair share of the work?

  • 6. 

    What do you expect to be doing five years from now?

  • 7. 

    Do you have any questions for me?  (Do not ask about pay, benefits, or vacation time.)

  • 8. 

     Which Career Cluster above looks most interesting to you for a career path?  Explain why.

  • 9. 

    What educational path do you plan to take after high school?  (2yr college, 4 year college, public or private school?)

  • 10. 

    What was your favorite lesson from summer school?  How did it help you learn to be a Top 20 Student?

  • 11. 

    Label each habit below as top 20 or bottom 80 Goal oriented

  • 12. 


  • 13. 


  • 14. 


  • 15. 

    Often bored

    The phrase "bottom 80" refers to the lowest 80% of a group or population. In this context, "often bored" suggests that the bottom 80% of people are frequently bored. This could imply that they have limited access to engaging activities or lack stimulation in their daily lives. The answer choice "bottom 80" accurately captures this idea, indicating that a large portion of the population experiences boredom regularly.

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  • 16. 

    Filled with Star Qualites

  • 17. 


  • 18. 


  • 19. 


  • 20. 

    Takes healthy risks

  • 21. 

    Stays in the comfort zone

    This phrase "bottom 80" refers to the bottom 80% of a group or population. In the context of the given statement, "stays in the comfort zone," it suggests that the person or subject being referred to prefers to stay within their comfort zone and does not venture beyond it. This could mean that they are not willing to take risks or step out of their familiar and safe environment. They may prefer to stick to what they know and are comfortable with, rather than exploring new experiences or challenges.

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  • 22. 

    Blames others

  • 23. 


  • 24. 

    Focused "In the Zone"

  • 25. 

    Aware of your thinking

  • 26. 

    Blocked by negative mental habits.

  • 27. 


  • 28. 


  • 29. 


  • 30. 

    Mostly "Above the Line"

    The phrase "Mostly 'Above the Line'" suggests that the majority of something is positioned or categorized as "Above the Line." In this context, "Above the Line" refers to the top 20, indicating that the answer is the top 20 items or entities being referred to in the given question.

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  • 31. 


  • 32. 


  • 33. 

    Learns from mistakes

  • 34. 

    Denies there is a problem

    The phrase "bottom 80" refers to the bottom 80% of a group or population. In this context, the correct answer "Denies there is a problem" suggests that the individual or entity being referred to is denying the existence of a problem that affects the majority or a significant portion of the group. This denial implies a lack of acknowledgement or willingness to address the issue, which can hinder progress or resolution.

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  • 35. 

    Dwells on the problem

    The phrase "bottom 80" refers to the lowest 80% of something, such as income or performance. In this context, "dwells on the problem" suggests that the focus is on analyzing and discussing the issue at hand, particularly in relation to the bottom 80%. This could involve identifying the causes, exploring potential solutions, or understanding the impact on this specific group. The answer implies that the discussion or analysis is centered around the bottom 80% rather than the entire population or a different segment.

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  • 36. 


  • 37. 

    Finds relevancy in learning

  • 38. 

    "My life is on my mind"

  • 39. 

    Using "mental parking lot" for distracting thoughts

    "Top 20" refers to a list or ranking of the 20 best or most important items in a particular category. In this context, "using 'mental parking lot' for distracting thoughts" means using a technique or strategy to temporarily set aside or ignore distracting thoughts. The phrase "top 20" is unrelated to the explanation and does not provide any additional information or context.

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  • 40. 

    Concerned with Other People's Opinions

    This answer suggests that the person is concerned with the opinions of others who are in the bottom 80% of a certain group or population. This could mean that they value the opinions and judgments of the majority or the average people rather than those of the top 20% or the elites. They may prioritize the perspectives and feedback of the majority and strive to meet their expectations or gain their approval.

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  • 41. 


  • 42. 

    Takes reckless risks

    This answer suggests that the person or group described takes reckless risks and belongs to the bottom 80% of a certain category or population. The term "bottom 80" implies that there is a ranking or categorization system in place, and the person or group being referred to falls within the lower 80% of this system. It is likely that this answer is part of a larger context or question that provides more information about the specific category or population being discussed.

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  • 43. 

    Belief in invulnerability

    This answer suggests that the belief in invulnerability is most prevalent among the bottom 80% of the population. This means that a majority of people who have a lower socioeconomic status or are less privileged tend to hold this belief. It could be due to a lack of awareness or understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities they face, leading them to believe that they are immune to negative consequences. This belief may also stem from a need for hope and optimism in difficult circumstances.

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  • 44. 

    Gives in to peer pressure

  • 45. 

    Stuck in yuck

  • 46. 

    Thought circles

  • 47. 

    Uses submarine when "below the line"

  • 48. 

    Uses trampolines to get above the line

    The given answer "top 20" suggests that trampolines are used to reach a higher position or level, specifically within a list or ranking. This implies that the trampolines are utilized as a means to surpass or exceed the line that separates the top 20 from the rest. The phrase "top 20" typically refers to the highest-ranking or most successful individuals, items, or entities within a particular category or context.

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  • 49. 

    Aware of "triggers" that put you below the line.

  • 50. 

    I know exactly what I want to pursue for a career in my life. Write Answer in Space Below:   Strongly Disagree    Disagree      Agree     Strongly Agree

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