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Every young girl dreams of being a princess, every woman wants to find her prince, and everyone feels that life would be a little easier with a pinch of magic. However, magic is not as easy as "bippity boppity boo", most women discover Prince Charming drives a white pinto not a white horse, and. . . Well, not every girl is cut out to be a princess. But, some have what it takes to land that white horse-riding Prince, the question is, "Do you? " Are you a destined for a "Happily Ever After" or "Sadly Never Ever"? Take this quiz to find out.

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Your Prince Awaits, PRINCESS!

You have what it takes to compete with Cinderella, Belle, and all the other princesses for that one of a kind Prince Charming, The archetypal fairy tale princess exemplifies kindness and compassion while "endorsing the importance of obedience and self-denial" (Tartar). She also tends to believe in the transformative powers of love (Maria Tartar). Vanity, selfishness, and greed are not found within the countenance of a true princess. She always follows her heart and does what's right, while also being sweet, charming, cheerful, gentle, and pure. She never judges anyone, and has no concern for appearances, "It is neither good looks nor great wit that makes a woman happy..., but character, virtue, and kindness." Thus, a princess is very nurturing and kind to others. However, a princess must also be a disciplined, hard-working individual who is not afraid to do things herself. She is, self-motivated. She is cunning and clever, but extremely honest and good at heart. She is highly spiritual, wise, noble, and brave. She is always hopeful of good things to come and is extremely patient, believing that through hard work and perseverance all her dreams can come true. So here is your crown, where it proudly, Your Highness!

Always a MAIDEN, Never a Princess!

Wondering why your prince has never come? This is a good question because the archetypal maiden encompasses characteristics that parallel those of a princess, making her have what it takes to ensnare that Prince Charming. A maiden is usually kind and compassionate, and lacks selfishness, vanity or greed. Also like princesses, maidens are usually optimistic and pure of heart with a strong spiritual relationship with nature as well. However, what differentiates a maiden from a princess is naïveté. In order for most maidens to transform into, or become, a princess, she is first given some type of test she must pass or a quest she must complete. For instance, before Belle was made into a princess, she was a maiden who had to prove that she was pure of heart by showing she could love a beast. Same goes for the infamous Cinderella who relied on optimism and faith before she was given a chance to become a princess.  Unlike the Sleeping Beauty or Snow White who displayed these qualities and was never truly tested on their character, both Belle and Cinderella had to prove they were worthy enough to become a princess. That is why most of the time archetypal maidens are seen as wittier, more cunning, and more intelligent than a princess, since the maiden must utilize these attributes to demonstrate herself as ready be made into a princess. You have what it takes, but you keep failing the test. Show your gentler side, and your prince will show you the tiara.  

Watch Out For Falling Houses Because, Honey, You Are A WITCH!

You are a mean one! You fit the archetypal antithesis of a princess, the wicked stepmother or wicked witch.  Witches and Stepmothers are portrayed in fairy tales as still physically able to acquire the affection of man; however, they are cold, violent, maddened, and far from maternal. Even if a witch is married, in which case she becomes a stepmother, she is stall able to possess a since of autonomy and independence, something is that found in neither maidens nor princesses who are bound by the constraints of obedience. Sadly, the happiness of most maidens and princesses depends on the death of the witch which hinders progression of the heroine towards obtaining her prince and living “Happily Ever After”. So if you are looking for a Prince Charming and a happy ending, you must “kill the witch within, so to speak, and take the journey softening and polishing up your character so you too can become a princess.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    It is lunch time and you made yourself a wonderful lunch with all your favorite foods. An extremely overweight girl walks up to you and tells you she has no money to buy lunch. You realize that she was the same girl who used to bully you from elementary school until you went to college. What would you do?
    • A. 

      Smile and hand her your entire lunch. You decide the past must be left in the past. You feel great that you were able to show her the kindness she never showed, plus you were not that hungry anyway.

    • B. 

      Sit right next to her so she can smell the aroma of your delicious lunch and get a great view of you savoring every morsel of it, especially while you remind her of her past deeds by retelling every bullying event she put you through.

    • C. 

      Decide to give her 1/3 of your lunch. You can't sit and watch her go hungry, but you have not forgotten about her pulling your hair. You chuckle because karma is awesome.

  • 2. 
    You are at the club having a great time dancing when a man with a gold tooth, pinstriped suit and feather fedora comes up and asks to dance with you. You realize that he strongly resembles Flava Flav, T-Pain, and Rick Ross. What do you do?
    • A. 

      Oh Hell No! You quickly walk away, pretending you don't hear him calling after you.

    • B. 

      You nicely strike up a conversation and realize that he is a very nice guy, so you agree to dance with him.

    • C. 

      You realize that you both have a lot in common, but you agree to dance with him only if he buys you a few drinks first. You will need as many as you can get to get past that face.

  • 3. 
    Your boss comes over to your desk and starts yelling at you for a minor, fixable mistake you made on a report... You feel tiny when you notice all eyes are on you as he continues to gesture belligerently and demand you redo the report. What do you do?
    • A. 

      You take the report, type it up, and hand it in with your resignation. You cannot handle him yelling at you like that!

    • B. 

      You apologize for the mistake and any inconvenience you caused from making that mistake. You redo the report and hand it to him with a nice cup of coffee that you sweetened up with a little saliva and a few drops of over the counter laxatives.

    • C. 

      You smile and take the report and reassure him that the report will be on his desk by the end of the day.

  • 4. 
    Your best friend tells you that she lost your favorite sunglasses you let her borrow. But, two weeks later you notice that she is wearing your sunglasses she supposedly lost. What do you do?
    • A. 

      You let her keep them since obviously she really likes them and you have recently decided a different pair is your new favorite. Why ruin a friendship over shades?

    • B. 

      Yank the shades off her head and blast her as a lying thief on Facebook!

    • C. 

      Let her keep them, but decide when you borrow her favorite item you will also "lose it". Now you will be even and no friendship is truly lost.

  • 5. 
    You see your neighbor’s dog taking a poop in your front yard. What do you do?
    • A. 

      Nothing. Everyone and everything must poop. There is a book about it.

    • B. 

      Wait until it finishes and go confront your neighbor to tell them to make sure their dog never comes into your yard to poop again.

    • C. 

      You do nothing….AT FIRST. But when the dog finishes you go pick it up and put it in a brown paper bag, set it on fire and put it on your neighbor’s doorstep. You laugh to yourself as you punch the doorbell.

  • 6. 
    True Love's Kiss is...
    • A. 

      Priceless, and waiting for your lips.

    • B. 

      Your ticket into the life of luxury

    • C. 

      A burning sensation that feels worse than a venereal disease

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