All About Jose Rizal's Life! Trivia Quiz

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All About Jose Rizals Life! Trivia Quiz - Quiz

Most freedom fighters in the world were exiled from their country because of being seen as a threat to the usual way of life by the colonizers, and Jose Rizal was no exception. As a Philippine, what do you know about the life of this great hero and how he came up to be a person whose contributions gave hope to others?

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Rizal's First Novel

    Noli Me Tangere is considered to be Rizal's first novel. It was published in 1887 and it is a social and political novel that depicts the injustices and abuses of the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines. The title translates to "Touch Me Not" in English, which symbolizes the main character's resistance to the oppressive system. The novel played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution and is regarded as a key work in Filipino literature.

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    Rizal's first Love

    Segunda Katigbak is known as Rizal's first love. She was a young woman from Lipa, Batangas, who Rizal met during his studies in Manila. Rizal was deeply infatuated with Segunda, and their relationship inspired him to write love poems and letters. However, their love story did not have a happy ending as Segunda's parents disapproved of their relationship. Despite this, Segunda remained an important figure in Rizal's life and his writings, representing his youthful romantic ideals and the challenges faced in pursuing love.

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    Rizal's First Formal Teacher

    Maestro Justiniano Cruz is considered as Rizal's first formal teacher. He played a significant role in Rizal's early education and had a great influence on his intellectual development. Cruz was known for his strict discipline and high standards of teaching, which helped shape Rizal's character and academic abilities. Rizal's admiration and respect for Cruz can be seen in his writings, where he often mentioned him as a dedicated and inspiring educator.

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  • 4. 

    Rizal's First Course

    The given correct answer is "Bachelor of Arts." This suggests that Rizal's first course was Bachelor of Arts.

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  • 5. 

    Rizal's First Diary

    The given correct answer "Memorias de un estudyante de Manila" is the title of Rizal's first diary. This suggests that the diary was written by Rizal himself during his time as a student in Manila. The title also implies that the diary contains Rizal's memories and experiences as a student in Manila, providing insights into his early life and education.

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  • 6. 

    Riza;'s Great Love

  • 7. 

    Rizal's Puppy love

    Segunda Katigbak is the correct answer because she was one of Jose Rizal's first loves. They met when Rizal was studying in Manila and they became close friends. Rizal even wrote a poem for her titled "To My Muse" which showed his admiration and affection for her. However, their relationship did not progress further and they eventually went their separate ways. Despite this, Segunda Katigbak holds a special place in Rizal's heart as one of his early romantic interests.

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  • 8. 

    Rizal's Japanese Girlfriend

  • 9. 

    Rizal's Irish Girlfriend

    Josephine Bracken was Rizal's Irish girlfriend. She was a woman of Irish descent who met Rizal in Dapitan, Philippines. They developed a romantic relationship and eventually got married. Josephine played a significant role in Rizal's life, providing him emotional support and companionship during his exile in Dapitan. She also helped Rizal in his medical practice and was a source of inspiration for his writings. Despite their cultural differences, Rizal and Josephine's love for each other transcended boundaries and they remained devoted to each other until Rizal's death.

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  • 10. 

    Rizal's Protestant Girl

  • 11. 

    Rizal's Best Friend

    Ferdinand Blumentritt was a close friend of Jose Rizal, a Filipino national hero. Blumentritt was an Austrian professor and scholar who played a significant role in supporting Rizal's nationalist activities. He provided intellectual guidance and moral support to Rizal, and their correspondence showed a deep friendship and mutual respect. Blumentritt also helped Rizal in his research and writing, particularly in the field of Philippine history and culture. Their friendship lasted until Rizal's execution in 1896.

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    Rizal's Best Teacher

  • 13. 

    Rizal's Best School

    The correct answer is Ateneo municipal.

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  • 14. 

    Rizal's Best Book Ever Read

  • 15. 

    Rizal's Profession in Dapitan

    Rizal's profession in Dapitan included being an agriculturist, botanist, businessman, educator, and fisherman. This suggests that Rizal was involved in various fields during his time in Dapitan. As an agriculturist, he likely focused on farming and cultivating crops. As a botanist, he studied and researched plants. Being a businessman indicates that Rizal was involved in commercial activities, possibly managing his own enterprises. As an educator, he likely taught and shared his knowledge with others. Lastly, being a fisherman suggests that Rizal engaged in fishing activities, possibly for sustenance or as a recreational activity.

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  • 16. 

    Rizal's Financier of Noli

    Maximo S. Viola was the financier of Jose Rizal's novel, Noli Me Tangere. Viola, a medical student and a friend of Rizal, lent him the money needed to publish the book. Viola believed in the importance of Rizal's work in exposing the injustices and abuses of the Spanish colonial government in the Philippines. Without Viola's financial support, Noli Me Tangere may not have been published and its powerful message may not have reached a wider audience. Viola's contribution played a crucial role in the dissemination of Rizal's ideas and the awakening of Filipino nationalism.

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  • 17. 

    Rizal's Financier of El Fili

    Ventura Valentin is the correct answer because he was indeed the financier of Jose Rizal's novel El Filibusterismo. Valentin was a wealthy Filipino businessman who supported Rizal financially during the publication of his books. He provided the necessary funds for Rizal to print and distribute his works, including El Filibusterismo, which is considered a sequel to Rizal's first novel Noli Me Tangere. Valentin's financial support played a crucial role in ensuring the success and dissemination of Rizal's literary works, which were instrumental in sparking the Filipino nationalist movement against Spanish colonial rule.

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  • 18. 

    Rizal's Fare for Hongkong

  • 19. 

    Rizal's Bodyguard

    Jose Taviel de Andrada is the correct answer because he was indeed Rizal's bodyguard. He was a Spanish soldier who was assigned to guard Rizal during his exile in Dapitan. Taviel de Andrada played a significant role in ensuring Rizal's safety and security during this time.

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  • 20. 

    Rizal's Lawyer 

    Luis Taviel de Andrada was Rizal's lawyer during his trial. He played a crucial role in defending Rizal against the charges of rebellion and sedition. Andrada was known for his strong legal skills and his dedication to his clients. He presented compelling arguments and evidence to challenge the prosecution's case. Despite his efforts, Rizal was still convicted and sentenced to death. However, Andrada's representation was highly regarded and he was praised for his professionalism and commitment to justice.

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  • 21. 

    Rizal's Sisters

    The correct answer is "Saturnina Narcisa Olympia Lucia Maria". This answer refers to Rizal's sisters, indicating that these are the names of his sisters.

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  • 22. 

    Rizal over Consuelo

  • 23. 

    Rizal of Nellie

  • 24. 

    Rizal over La Solidaridad

  • 25. 

    Governor who ordered his deportation

    Governor General Eulogio Despujol is the correct answer because he was the governor who ordered the deportation. The question is asking for the name of the governor who gave the order, and Eulogio Despujol fits that description.

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  • 26. 

    Governor who ordered his execution

    Governor Camilo de Polavieja is the correct answer because he was the governor who ordered the execution.

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  • 27. 

    Cities visited by Rizal in Europe

    Rizal visited the cities of Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, and Heidelberg in Europe.

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  • 28. 

    Rizal's Birthday

    June 19, 1861 is the correct answer because it is the date of Rizal's birthday.

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  • 29. 

    Rizal's Execution

    On December 30, 1896, Rizal was executed.

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  • 30. 

    Rizal's visitor in Dapitan

    The correct answer is a list of names, which suggests that Rizal had multiple visitors in Dapitan. These visitors could have been friends, family members, or acquaintances who came to visit Rizal during his exile in Dapitan.

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  • 31. 

    Rizal's only Brother

    Paciano is Rizal's only brother.

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  • 32. 

    Rizal's last poem

    The given correct answer "Mi Ultimo Adios" is the title of Rizal's last poem. It translates to "My Last Farewell" in English. This poem was written by Jose Rizal, a Filipino national hero, just before his execution in 1896. It is a heartfelt goodbye and a final message to his countrymen, expressing his love for the Philippines and his hopes for its future. Rizal's last poem is considered a significant piece of literature and a symbol of patriotism in the Philippines.

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  • 33. 

    Rizal's Reason of going back to the Philippines after Noli

  • 34. 

    What is Propaganda Movement?

    The Propaganda Movement was a peaceful campaign for reforms in the Philippines during the late 19th century. It aimed to raise awareness about the oppressive Spanish colonial rule and advocate for political and social reforms. The movement utilized various forms of propaganda such as writings, speeches, and publications to educate the Filipino people and gain support for their cause. The ultimate goal of the Propaganda Movement was to secure equal rights and representation for the Filipinos and ultimately achieve independence from Spanish rule.

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  • 35. 


  • 36. 

    Jose Rizal as a founding father

  • 37. 

    Graciano Lopez Jaena as founding father

  • 38. 

    1st Publication of La Solidaridad 

    The correct answer is FEB 15, 1889 because it is the date of the first publication of La Solidaridad. This suggests that the publication was established on this date and began disseminating its content to the public.

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  • 39. 

    Last Publicaiton of La Solidaridad

  • 40. 

    3 Objectives of La Solidaridad

  • 41. 

    Reforms of the Propaganda Movement

  • 42. 


  • 43. 

    Counter Propaganda

  • 44. 

    Reasons for the failure of Reform Movement

  • 45. 

    What is La Liga Filipina

    La Liga Filipina refers to a civic organization that was established by Rizal on July 3, 1892. This organization aimed to unite Filipinos and promote reforms in the Spanish colonial government. It sought to address various social and political issues faced by the Filipino people during that time. Rizal envisioned La Liga Filipina as a means to peacefully advocate for change and empower the Filipino population. However, the organization was short-lived as Rizal was arrested and exiled, leading to its dissolution.

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  • 46. 

    Objectives of LIGA:

  • 47. 


  • 48. 

    3 FACTORS 

  • 49. 

    Reasons for the opening of the Philippine to World Commerce and Date

  • 50. 

    4 Benefits

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