Grammar Quiz- Because And So Exercises

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Grammar Quiz- Because And So Exercises - Quiz

How good are you at using conjunctions in the English language? Do you know where to use 'because' and 'so' in the sentences? Complete the exercises given in this quiz and see if you really know the difference between these two. 'Because' is subordinating conjunction used to show the cause of an action, whereas 'so' is coordinating conjunction used to show an action's result or effect. You must complete the fill-in-the-blanks by choosing either of the two conjunctions in this quiz. Good luck!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    I am staying in bed today__________I am very tired.
  • 2. 
    She is studying Italian ___________ she loves languages.
  • 3. 
    We didn't go to their party _____________ they didn't invite us.
  • 4. 
    She has a lot of money ____________ she can buy that expensive coat.
  • 5. 
    The weather is hot _____________ the children are swimming.
  • 6. 
    She is late ___ she will have to take a taxi.
  • 7. 
    He is tired _____ he has walked for ten miles.
  • 8. 
    We aren't going to the bank ______ it is closed.
  • 9. 
    We are too busy ____ we can't go the cinema today.
  • 10. 
    I was lost ________________ I asked for directions.
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