Personality Test - Good, Neutral Or Naughty?

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Personality Test - Good, Neutral Or Naughty? - Quiz

Who are you? Are you in Santa's Naughty list of the opposite? Or are you neutral, giving Santa a hard time to decide? Find out by playing this quiz! Note: You need to answer the questions honestly to get more accurate results.

You May Get

On Santa's Nice List

Congratulation! You are on Santa's Nice List! You Like to follow the rules and are mostly organized. But you don't forget to keep up with the trends. Keep it up!

Either on Neither Lists or on both! You are giving Santa a hard time!

You are Either on Neither Lists or on Both! You mostly solve problems in a neutral manner - you do not sacrifice your needs nor become too rude. Keep it up! 
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What will you do if your neighbor's kid is crying loud at night when you are relaxing?    
    • A. 

      Call the neighbor and tell them to do something about it.

    • B. 

      What! I will call the security and launch a complain if I have to! Nobody should disturb me while I am sleeping!

    • C. 

      No worries... I will put on my earphone and listen to my favorite songs... No need to make a fuss about it... 

  • 2. 
    You want to go shopping, but your sibling wants to play with you. What do you do?
    • A. 

      Play with your sibling.... I can go shopping later

    • B. 

      I will go shopping any which ways 

    • C. 

      I will talk to my sibling, tell him/her that I will play later after I am done with shopping.

  • 3. 
    There is a drama contest in you area. You decide to participate, which character will you be?
    • A. 

      The Villian

    • B. 

      The Hero

    • C. 

      The Narrator  

  • 4. 
    How would you describe yourself
    • A. 


    • B. 

      Problem Solver

    • C. 

      Rule Breaker  

  • 5. 
    If you were a teacher, how do your friends think you will handle noisy students?
    • A. 

      My friends say that I would make them understand why they shouldn't behave like that.

    • B. 

      My friends say that I would sit quietly and think 'They are just kids... Let them enjoy'

    • C. 

      My friends say that I would scold them

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