Ten100: Chapter 09 Assignment

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Ten100: Chapter 09 Assignment - Quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Saul Griffith starts the chapter with the idea that nature is a better manufacturer than human. Explain what he means. Give an example that's not in the chapter.

  • 2. 

    What is "Just-in-Time" manufacturing, and what are its advantages?

  • 3. 

    List two kinds of composite materials, two kinds of synthetic materials, and two kinds of natural materials.

  • 4. 

    _______________ materials are made up of two or more different materials, resulting in properties more desirable than the properties of its individual components.

    Composite materials are made up of two or more different materials, resulting in properties more desirable than the properties of its individual components. This is because the combination of different materials allows for the enhancement of specific properties, such as increased strength, durability, or lightweight characteristics. By combining different materials, composites can be tailored to meet specific requirements for various applications, making them highly versatile and advantageous in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

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  • 5. 

    Plastics and other materials created by chemists are called ____________________ materials.

    Plastics and other materials created by chemists are known as synthetic materials because they are artificially made through chemical processes rather than occurring naturally. These materials are typically derived from petroleum or other chemicals and can be molded into various shapes and forms, making them versatile and widely used in many industries. Synthetic materials have revolutionized modern society by providing durable, lightweight, and cost-effective alternatives to natural materials.

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  • 6. 

    Products like gold, cotton, leather and plant leaves are known as ________________ materials.

    Products like gold, cotton, leather, and plant leaves are referred to as natural materials because they are derived from nature without any human intervention or processing. These materials exist in their natural state and are not artificially created or synthesized. They are obtained directly from the earth or plants and have not undergone any significant chemical or mechanical changes. Therefore, they are categorized as natural materials.

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  • 7. 

    Saul Griffith found that in remote areas of developing countries people could not afford to create and maintain a large _____________ of glass lenses.

    Saul Griffith discovered that individuals in remote regions of developing countries faced financial constraints in regards to producing and upkeeping a substantial supply of glass lenses.

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  • 8. 

    Saul Griffith eventually was successful at making glasses cheaply and efficiently by pouring _____________ into a mold made of two membranes.

    Saul Griffith was able to achieve cost-effective and efficient production of glasses by using a mold made of two membranes and pouring liquid acrylic into it. This method allowed for the creation of glasses in a more affordable and streamlined manner. By using liquid acrylic or acrylic liquid, Griffith was able to achieve the desired outcome in terms of cost and efficiency.

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  • 9. 

    After solving his initial problem, Saul Griffith began to develop a new system for ______________ vision problems.

    Saul Griffith started working on a new system to address vision problems. This suggests that he was focused on finding a solution to diagnose or identify these issues. Therefore, the correct answer is "diagnosis, diagnosing."

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