Arabic Language Quiz 1

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| By Arabiccorner
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Arabic Language Quiz 1 - Quiz

Dear Students,
This is your first Quiz in this new session at Arabic Corner. Hope you all are able to complete the Quiz on time and hope you do well in sha Allah. As a reminder please remember that Allah is Watching you even though I am not.
1) Say Bismillah before starting.
2) Take a deep breath, exhale, put your trust in Allah and begin.
3) Keep all distractions out of your way while doing the Exam.
4) Do not use harakath in your answers or English punctuation marks.
5) Please check and recheck your answers before moving on to Read morethe next because a mistake cannot be undone.
6) After finishing say Alhamdulillah.
7) The first person to complete the Quiz with all correct answers will be awarded and her name will be mentioned in our weekly "Newsletter" and blog in sha Allah.

May the Allah ease the Quiz for you and may you all come out with flying colors, Ameen.
Best wishes,
Ustadha Shazia

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Write the sentence in Arabic

  • 2. 

    Write the name in Arabic

    The given word "مطار" is already written in Arabic.

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  • 3. 

    Write the name in Arabic.

    The given answer "وصول" is the correct name in Arabic.

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  • 4. 

    Choose the correct answer

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    Correct Answer
    C. مضيف
    The correct answer is "مضيف" which translates to "flight attendant" in English. This is the correct answer because the other options do not fit the context of the question. "طيار" means "pilot", "حمال" means "porter", and "ضابط" means "officer". Only "مضيف" is a suitable occupation for someone working in the airline industry.

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  • 5. 

    السلم وراء الطائرة

    • A.


    • B.


    Correct Answer
    B. False
    The given statement "السلم وراء الطائرة" translates to "The ladder is behind the plane." The correct answer is False because the ladder is not behind the plane.

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