Midterm In IT 118 (Presentation Skills)

250 Questions | Total Attempts: 50

Midterm In IT 118 (Presentation Skills) - Quiz

Exam DetailsAvailability: September 9, 2016 1PM to 11:59PMDuration: 4 hoursDisclaimer:I didn't create the exam myself guys. I had someone else create the exam for you. :)Enjoy the exam guys! :)

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What are the main type of fonts? and what it conveys? 
  • 2. 
    How does a powerpoint helpful in a presentation?
  • 3. 
    What are the masters view of power point? and define each.
  • 4. 
    What is a Hyperlink?
  • 5. 
    How can you have a successful presentation?
  • 6. 
    What is a PDF? what its use?
  • 7. 
    Why do want to seek feed back on your presentation before you give a slideshow?
  • 8. 
    How can you share your presentation to others for review and they can add comments to the presentation and then e-mail it back to you?
  • 9. 
    Explain briefly, the difference between Outline View and Normal View.
  • 10. 
    Enumerate 3 types of animation:
  • 11. 
    Enumerate the basic contents of a Slide.
  • 12. 
    Steps in entering presentation content in an outline.
  • 13. 
    How to enlarge the Outline pane and make the font text bigger to view outline text? 
  • 14. 
    How to merge multiple shapes?
  • 15. 
    A method which you may need to move bullet points, or possibly slides, in the outline for them to become lower-level bullet points.
  • 16. 
    It is a method in which you can move lower-level bullet points to become higher-level bullets points or even slides?
  • 17. 
    Steps on how to insert a hyperlink:
  • 18. 
    Steps in Promoting Items as you reorganize a Presentation Content.
  • 19. 
    Steps in Demoting Items as you reorganize a Presentation Content.
  • 20. 
    Define duration.
  • 21. 
    Steps in adding a motion path:
  • 22. 
    What is transition?
  • 23. 
    What are the steps that assume that your e-mail program is properly configured to work with other applications?
  • 24. 
    When I e-mail a presentation for review, what does the recipient need to do?
  • 25. 
    Is there a way to change the size of the motion path without changing the shape of the line?How?
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