Backup and Disaster Recovery Quiz
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Before reading any farther, please close your eyes and take a few minutes to imagine what would happen if you lost your IT Systems.  Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, whether you’re in healthcare, accounting, government, education, manufacturing, or service, what would happen if you couldn’t access your data or your email?   What happens if your entire organization couldn’t access their data or email?  What if it’s payroll day and you can’t pay your employees.
Precision Business Solutions would lose clients if our systems were down for 24 hours, would you?
The following quiz will help you to grade your preparedness.  We’re not completing a full assessment here, but simply focusing on some of the key items an organization owner or manager should be aware of regarding the protection of their data.
For this quiz, we’re going to assume your organization has at least one server (if not multiple).
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