Interesting Trivia About Michael Jordan!

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Interesting Trivia About Michael Jordan! - Quiz

Learn more about basketball steps by taking this interesting trivia about Michael Jordan!

Questions and Answers
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    Besides 23 and 45, what other numbers did Michael Jordan wear in the NBA?

    Michael Jordan wore the number 12 during one game in his NBA career. This happened during a game against the Orlando Magic on February 14, 1990. His usual number, 23, was stolen from his locker before the game, so he had to wear a different number. The number 12 was available, which was the same number he wore during his high school career. Jordan scored 49 points in that game, showing that his performance was not affected by the change in number.

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    What's Michael Jordan's older brother's name?

    The correct answer is Larry because it is stated in the question that Michael Jordan's older brother's name is Larry.

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    What is one of Michael Jordan's big fears?

    Michael Jordan's fear of swimming is well-known. Despite his incredible athleticism and success in basketball, he has openly admitted to being afraid of swimming. This fear may stem from a traumatic experience or simply a lack of comfort in water. Regardless of the reason, it is a fear that Jordan has acknowledged and is a part of his personal life.

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    What was Michael Jordan's coaches name in college?

    Michael Jordan's coach in college was Dean Smith.

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    What Greek symbol does Michael Jordan have on his chest?

    Michael Jordan has the Greek symbol Omega on his chest. Omega is the final letter of the Greek alphabet and is often associated with the concept of "the end" or "the last." This symbol could represent Jordan's dominance and status as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, as well as his ability to consistently perform at a high level until the end of his career.

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    What is Michael Jordan's middle name?

    The question asks for Michael Jordan's middle name. The answer provided is "N/A, Jeffery." This suggests that Michael Jordan does not have a middle name, as indicated by "N/A," and that his middle name is Jeffery.

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    How much was Michael Jordan's contract worth over 7 years with the chicago bulls?

    The given answer states that Michael Jordan's contract with the Chicago Bulls was worth 6.15 million over 7 years.

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    Why did Michael Jordan go to the University of North Carolina?

    Michael Jordan went to the University of North Carolina because he grew up there.

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    What year did Michael Jordan graduate from high school?

    The given answer, "N/A, 81," suggests that Michael Jordan did not graduate from high school and the year 1981 is irrelevant to his graduation.

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    How many points did Michael Jordan score in his first game at North Carolina?

    The question is asking for the number of points Michael Jordan scored in his first game at North Carolina. The answer states that it is both N/A and 12. This could imply that there is no available information or record of his first game, hence the N/A. However, it also suggests that he scored 12 points based on some other source or record.

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