Math 60 - Beginning Algebra

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Math 60 - Beginning Algebra - Quiz

Questions and Answers
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    Write 0.0000451 in scientific notation.

  • 3. 

    What Fahrenheit temperature corresponds to if ?

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    Jack and Donna shared the grocery bill with other roommates. Jack paid one-fifth of the bill and Donna paid one-fourth. Together they spent $63. How much was the grocery bill?

  • 8. 

    The cost of my cab ride was $9. This was a $5.25 pick-up fee plus $0.75 per mile. How many miles did I go?

  • 9. 

    Evaluate for

  • 10. 

    At the beginning of the month your bank account had a balance of $1,400. You withdrew a constant amount for 20 days. After those 20 days the balance was $250. How much were the daily withdrawals?

  • 11. 

    Is the ordered pair a solution to the equation ?

  • 12. 

    Solve for x:

  • 13. 

    Charles' cat eats 54 pounds of cat food a month. If there are 16 ounces in 1 pound, then how many ounces is this?

  • 14. 

    A basketball costs $2.50 more than a soccer ball. Together a basketball and a soccer ball cost $18.48. How much does a soccer ball cost?

  • 15. 

    The following histogram is based upon a survey when teens were asked how many hours a day they spent using a computer. (a) How many teens spent 4 or more hours? (b) How many teens were surveyed? (c) What percentage spent exactly 6 hours?

  • 16. 

    The length of a table is two more than three times the width. If w represents the width, then write an expression for length.

  • 17. 

    Make a table containing 3 solutions to the equation and graph the equation:

  • 18. 

    At the store you bought 3 bags of chips and 2 jars of salsa. A jar of salsa costs $2 more than a bag of chips. If you spent $14.25, how much did each bag of chips cost?

  • 19. 

    Give the coordinates of points A and B, which are plotted in the following graph:

  • 20. 

    The local sales tax is 4%. If Jack buys a calculator that costs $85, how much tax will he be charged?

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