How Well Do You Know The World Of Jewel?

23 Questions | Total Attempts: 507

How Well Do You Know The World Of Jewel?

Take the test and find out!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What is Jube's full name?
  • 2. 
    Which of Jewel's Seven Gods is associated with jokes and humour?
  • 3. 
    What is Frow Berg most afraid of?
  • 4. 
    What’s the name of the girl with the hairpins?
  • 5. 
    What is Toadspit’s real name?
  • 6. 
    What sort of wine does the Fugleman keep in his wine cabinet?
  • 7. 
    What was the original name of the Faroon Peninsula?
  • 8. 
    What was the Protector’s father’s job?
  • 9. 
    Name one of the slavers who operate in the waters south of Jewel.
  • 10. 
    What is the oldest bridge in Jewel called?
  • 11. 
    What is Toadspit’s mother’s first name?
  • 12. 
    Who taught Goldie the Three Methods of Concealment?
  • 13. 
    What’s the name of the Guardian who threatens the girls in Care with tarantulas?
  • 14. 
    What are the balconies of Care topped with?
  • 15. 
    What colour is the ribbon that is used in the Separation Day ceremony?
  • 16. 
    What’s the name of Herro Dan’s street-rig?
  • 17. 
    What number is Goldie given when she is in Care?
  • 18. 
    What do Goldie’s parents give her for a Separation Day gift?
  • 19. 
    Goldie has only ever cut herself once before. How old was she when she did it?
  • 20. 
    What does Goldie find on the other side of the boulder in the Place of Remembering?
  • 21. 
    Who helps Goldie with the padlock in Care?
  • 22. 
    BONUS QUESTION #1: How old was Goldie's auntie Praise when she disappeared?
  • 23. 
    BONUS QUESTION #2: What was Goldie's mother's maiden name (i.e. her name before she was married)?
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