Japanese Vocab: Basic Weather 1

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Japanese Vocab Quizzes & Trivia

Translate the words or phrases into English or Japanese as appropriate.

Questions and Answers
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    雨 / あめ

    The given answer "Rain, rain" is a correct translation of the Japanese word "雨" (ame) which means rain. The repetition of the word "rain" in English is used to emphasize the meaning of the Japanese word and provide a clear translation.

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    天気 / てんき

    The given correct answer explains that "天気" means "weather". This suggests that the word "天気" is the Japanese term for the concept of weather.

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    The given answer options "bad weather" and "horrible weather" accurately translate the Japanese phrase "いやなてんき." Both options convey the idea of unfavorable or unpleasant weather conditions.

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    The given answer options "cloudy later fine, cloudy later sunny, cloudy later clear" are all possible translations of the Japanese phrase "くもりのちはれ" which can be interpreted as "cloudy later with the possibility of becoming fine/sunny/clear later on".

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    雪 / ゆき

    The given answer "snow" is the correct translation of the Japanese word "ゆき" which is pronounced as "yuki". "ゆき" means snow in English.

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    The question is asking about the current weather conditions. Both "how's the weather?" and "what's the weather like?" are commonly used phrases to inquire about the weather. They are interchangeable and can be used to ask the same question.

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    The given statement "あめがふっています" translates to "it's raining" in English. This implies that the weather conditions currently involve precipitation in the form of rain.

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    The given answer "five degrees, 5 degrees" is correct because it provides two different ways to express the same measurement. "Five degrees" and "5 degrees" both represent the numerical value of the angle, which is five units. The answer is clear and concise, providing the correct information in two different formats.

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